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    Is it time to give up transition to software developer

    I see 1-2 years of trying things like boot camps and getting bored after a few months, but I see exactly 0 time actually applying anything you have learned and 0 projects either. No one is saying you have to build the next amazon or facebook, but it appears you have gotten out of this endeavor...
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    How to find a business idea?

    I have one idea I am working on myself, but will freely admit that getting ideas isn't exactly intuitive to myself. What you asked is, literally, the million-dollar question. From my observations, it appears that many people have good (deep is better) industry experience and are able to...
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    Question for my cyber security guys!!!

    Just as an FYI for something like the CCIE that's exactly what happens. You show up and are instructed to setup a rack to work in a specific way. You have a time limit. You then retire for the evening and the panel breaks something on the rack. The next day you're instructed to find the problem...
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    Is it worth buying some Dow Jones, Tesla, big company stocks who right now seem way underpriced..?

    damn talk about being wrong - its currently sitting well over 2000 its pre-split price. The price short term is a bit bullish, but the market is a bit choppy and there are better movers out there for now. Never underestimate a bubble stock.
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    I can't believe I'm 38 and haven't been on here in several years (Updates and suggestions needed)

    First of all good for you for getting things in order in your life, and managing a 7 year relationship without any nasty side effects. In my circle of friends who are close to our age, the longer relationships seem to be putting a strain on some who do not know what they want. While my...
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    Is it worth buying some Dow Jones, Tesla, big company stocks who right now seem way underpriced..?

    ya smarter traders than I started hedging yesterday. pretty sure In the money index puts. They also sold on the way up. I had two half positions I got stopped out of today, with minor losses. Now is a time where markets need to rest and consolidate. The major part of the move is over for a...
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    Beginner Day Trading - Robinhood App

    Right, there is a lot of that among newer retail investors. In one of the groups I am in, they suggest the best way to learn options is on youtube. Some of them understand greeks ,but not many. The people I associate with believe this is too academic. The problem with their call option...
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    Beginner Day Trading - Robinhood App

    seconded. I have been studying and doing this for a while, and am still (overall) down on investing. It has only been around until late feb where my record has positive and will take a while longer. All the newbies think they can jump in after a massive run and go long options to make money...
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    Who's still working?

    I watched that and pretty much evaluate the day to day along those lines. He has some interesting indicators that I do not use. Sounds like he also thinks we are in a bear market bounce, and vix ( cost of insurance) is still elevated. I don't want to make recommendations here, but I have...
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    I just think I found the Corona stock of the year

    Oh that makes sense. basically you want price down, volume down, distribution down, before a reversal when each of those goes up. I think the guy who wrote this framework used smaller time frames like 5 minutes, and I am trying to simply study it on daily charts. I trade daily for the time...
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    I just think I found the Corona stock of the year

    large price movements seem to attract people, but I doubt most of these will be good plays. As others have said, they are heavily manipulated and thinly traded so are too risky for me. Maybe a swing trade if they break out, and I would certainly sell as the move becomes extended. But probably...
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    Who's still working?

    my job allows for 100% remote working as needed. Aside from my work location, nothing has really changed about what I do. As for the 401k, I made a little bit on the way down. No index funds in my 401k before the crash. Plan to keep it that way for a little while.
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    Is it worth buying some Dow Jones, Tesla, big company stocks who right now seem way underpriced..?

    I do not think tesla will reach its 900$ price peak. We are at the end of the economic cycle, and tesla is following the cycle of the JDU's, RCA, and other bubble names of their respective times. I will be looking to short via call spreads or maybe just short the stock itself with tight stops...
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    buying near the bottom

    Took a very quick look at this method - it appears to be a fractal version of how I trade but on a much smaller time scale. Very interesting to hear that this works so well. Will have to look at it more...love these kind of puzzles.
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    Anybody found a good way to become wealthy working for yourself?

    How to make money in stocks is a fantastic book. Of all the books on the subject I have read, this one is the most comprehensive and it shows the process in action. I think things have changed since electronic trading have come into the picture, but it seems the patterns explained in the books...
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    buying near the bottom

    im not picking the bottom. There is no sense in doing so. Think of the person who thought they picked the bottom in Delta airlines, down 50% at yesterdays close. One day later it was down 37% (today). I am staying in cash. I might short the next rally that catches the bottom pickers, as I...
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    Where are the bitcoin lovers now?

    Ha yes. In my system if the trade isnt working out, I am out. No questions asked. There is a good reason retail underperforms even basic indecies!
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    How to get a programming/developer job without a degree

    you do. I would say my process to ensure my **** works is more rigorous than my fellow dev. Part of that too is having been a numbers guy at my other jobs, and knowing how to really test everything in a more experimental manner. Most people focus on the wrong things, and waste time. If you...
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    What's the most you've ever lost in your Investments?

    PM, More fed shinanigans tody. an emergency 50 bip rate cut today ; the first since 2008. Powell claims its to dampen the economic effects of COVID19, but we all know its because stocks took one of the biggest drops in a week in decades. (certainly, since I started trading). Mnuchin also...
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    What's the most you've ever lost in your Investments?

    I took a few bigger losses this year after being wrong for longer than I wanted to. It hurt, but it felt liberating as well. As for these markets, I totally agree they feel toppy; what gets me is how fast stocks have moved up since 9/17/19 which coincides when the repurchase markets started...