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  1. justhe_justin

    How can a passivist channel "aggression"?

    Youtube influencers (such as Peterson) have discussed a phenomenon in which the male face changes to reflect a man's edginess, or lack of. For example, younger less experienced guys in their early 20's tend to more often have that look of "innocence" when compared to older man. Such a face...
  2. justhe_justin

    What is the best Day Game literature

    My introduction to 'game' was the book 'The Mystery Method" by Erik Von Markovik a few weeks ago and I found it practical and insightful; however it focused primarily on picking up girls in nightlife. I don't drink and therefore do not do the nightclub or bar scene so it's been difficult to...
  3. justhe_justin

    Where have all the intelligent people gone?

    People always acting like they’ve got **** figured out, and they’re SO RIGHT they feel anyone who disagrees should be punished. Police used to arrest women for wearing bikinis that were too short... amongst an long list of other dumb ass **** the US government decided to make law. So many ****y...
  4. justhe_justin

    It’s worse when women cheat

    Men cheat out of necessity to combat wives and girlfriends turning them down for sex. Women cheat because they are scum. I always so it's worse when a woman cheats. It's women always preaching LOYALTY on dating apps and whenever you ask them what they are looking for. Always stressing the idea...
  5. justhe_justin

    Marriage is slamming your foot on the gas in a car with no brakes

    "If woman ****ed in a cardboard boxes, men wouldn't buy houses" haha. Signing up for marriage is a huge burden of responsibility. You are legally responsible for the safety and well-being of an adult human who has no concept of spending or finances. Many men become slaves to their jobs because...
  6. justhe_justin

    I’m sick of these females lying

    Below are 3 screenshots of my Hinge (dating app) and this girl sent me a 'like' and tried to open a conversation. She comments on my preference for fit chicks, claiming that tho she is not fit, she eats healthy… What planet are these females living on. I’ve noticed women will make claims like...
  7. justhe_justin

    **** Corporate America slavery

    A friend asked me to reflect on leaving corporate america a year ago: “How do you feel now that you've had some time?” My response: I feel like corporate work is retarded. Especially after reading the book “Sapiens”, it seems history repeats itself in a cycle of humanity overall improving at...
  8. justhe_justin

    Social Media Censorship Insanity

    Can we talk about social media censorship? I’ve noticed sites like Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook becoming much more strict on media content. Accounts I follow on these platforms are being censored to the point of insanity. A couple of weeks ago, Rollo Tomassi’s live stream podcast was shadow...