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    Girl Stops Talking To Me

    Hey I saw this girl at a Turkish wedding. She was with her family so couldn't talk to her but i got her msn and talked to her and she noticed me and was shocked I added her. Then we talked on phone for a week. Then we met up hung out had fun and she liked me I could tell. Then after we met...
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    GF Parents Problems

    I am going to keep it very simple, any finer questions ask. I was with my gf for about a month, her mum found out and she broke up with me because of her mum. I told her it was alright. Then a week later she messaged me saying she didn't care what her mum said and that she wanted to be...
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    Gf On Myspace..

    For those of you know what myspace is, my gf left a bulletin like this. What the fvck is this about man???? no matter what i do, all i think about is you even when im with my boo. boy you know im crazy over you... why is it that life is so complicated and it's always the emotional...
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    My GF

    She lets me finger her but when it comes my dicckk she wont even give me head or give me a wristy. I thought it was meant to be the other way around?!?
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    Girl I am Seeing=Saying to friends "he wants me so bad"

    I am seeing this girl. She is 16 im 19 both of us turkish. And i am friends with one of her friends who is snitching her hard. She found out that my girl said stuff like : -" I treat him bad, but he still is nice to me"- don't remember treating her nicely but ye watever -" i like him but he...
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    Girl I am Seeing.. SAYS IM GOING 2 FAST.

    Background info: This girl we been seeing each other for a week. Known each other for couple of months. Shes 16 im 19, which is legal and we r both turkish.. She said 2 me today she thinks im taking things 2 fast and that she doesnt want a relationship at the moment. People on sosuave say...
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    Girl I am Seeing..V-day

    I have been talking to this girl for 2months but been seeing each other for a week. The situation we were talking on msn. She had 2 go before she went i popped the question of getting her before school and for her miss a class, didn't mention the whole valentine day thing but that was d point...
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    Ex Gf Friend- Getting Her!

    Ok as much as I still like my ex I broke up and going to tune her best friend who happens to be of the same religion I am. A positive. Now we exchange messages, talk on msn and phone. When I jokingly asked to go over her house. She said i can't i said why she said because if my ex found she...
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    Broke Up with Gf Again

    Her family got the better of her again. Because of there racism to turks and there greeks. Here is an extract of some of the email she wrote me. i dun even know wat 2 say cause ive eiither said it all before or i dun knoi just how to say it.anytime i was depreesed or upset any thoughts uo...
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    Gf and Going to Parties?!

    Alright my gf asked me if she could go to her cousins 21st which is on sunday, she asked on friday. She then said if you don't want me to go, I don't want to go. I said Ye I dont want you to go because I trust you but the guys there could be really bad and you never know. She then said to me...
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    ****ed Up GF parents

    Alright long story short been with my gf for 5months.. Her parents are fvcked up.. They hate me because im with there daughter. And because they think cuz of my race and religion I will treat her bad. I am turk , she is greek. They don't know I am a nice guy and not going to fvck there daughter...
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    My m8s gf can't walk

    My mate mat slammed his gf and now she can't walk properly. and that nyt the dad pickd her up from mats place. he realized she cudnt walk properly.. .. she wasnt a virging and mat slammed her really hardcore.. so they took her to doctors and they found out that she has a problem with her...
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    Broke up with my GF

    Alright as in previous threads I mentioned me and my gf really loved each other. But because of her family being orthodox and me being muslim they hate me a lot. Im also turkish and they are greek making matters worst.. Cyprus anyone!?? I am really down about this.. We loved each other a lot...
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    I think I have to break up with my GF ...

    I love my gf so much she means so much to me ive been with her about 5 months.. But her mum caught me with her again and she went absolutely mental to me at the back of my gfs school.. She hit me and abused me and said because im muslim and they are orthodox that im not allowed 2 be with...
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    My GF is getting demanding!!

    Ok i have been with her for 5months... Shes 15 im 18.. Alright few things that have got on my nerves: 1) I rememember telling her that if a guy tries 2 pick her up to tell em 2 get screwed and make it 100% clear.. Now she tells me same thing two weeks later saying if a girl tries 2 flirt with...
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    Did my gf cheat?

    Alright been with my for 3 months. She went to a party with her cousins male and female. After it next day she rang me saying at the party a guy sat near her tried kissing her and stuff and then she walked away from him. Then he grabbed her from behind tried 2 touch her pussss.. Then her cousin...
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    Trying To Bash Me

    I got a gf who is 15 I am 18. No sex involved so ye... And her older cousins males 20,22,24 want to bash me.... I am thinking of just going wild and trying to kill em.. But I know win or lose.. I am ****ed up if any confrontations occurs. What ya think of this??
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    Broke up with my GF

    It had only been like 2months. But i liked her so much. Because we spent so much time together. Yes I seem afc and all that.. But she was 16 I was 18 and she has reallly strict parents they found out everything that we hung out at nights and all that.. She got in lots of trouble and now is never...
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    GF Problems?

    Okay my gf has myspace. She talks to guys on there. Occasionally she adds a guy she seens around that don't know her. I get don't like her ading guys she don't know. How can I make her not do that? I dont want **** like be a man.
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    Seeing a girl...

    I have been out with this chix a couple of times. She is 16 I am 18. I have hooked up and sucked her tits thats it so far. Now prob is as 16 year old chixs she is going to an under 18's... I am not exclusive and won't attemp it.. But what can I do so that she doesn't get up to no good at an...