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  1. WelcomeToEarth

    Would it be considered flirting when a girl touches a guy's hair?

    Ok, everything is about context so if a guy at work makes a joke and asks a girl co-worker to feel his hair and she does, would you consider that flirting? As in, he's using the joke as a way to establish physical contact and she's responding positively (she has some interest level) by...
  2. WelcomeToEarth

    Approach to suspicion about plate screwing behind my back

    I’ve been seeing this girl for a couple of months; we go on at least a couple of dates a week and she normally sleeps over at my place (depends on her finding a babysitter). I rarely text her during the week and so far, she’s been doing 90% of the chasing. She's the one who often initiates...