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    Favourite Moderator?

    So who's your favourite mod here on this site? Personally, I would say Brazilian_Blues_Boy, since one of the first posts I read on this site when I first came was one of his inspirational posts. Some of my favourites include: I'm winning Happy Innuendo What about you?
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    It's all about the foreplay...

    NOTE: I did not write any of these, I found these in a forum (not seduction based) and thought you guys would be interested. It was all written by a guy named "Me Clumsy". His wife must be very happy. ;)
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    STD's - How worried are you?

    Okay so recently I've started having sex. I've started to read up on stuff about STD's and frankly it scares the sh*t out of me. Now, lets say 2 people are virgins with no previous sexual contact with anyone, have unprotected sex (no condom). Is it possible for one of them to catch some sort...
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    The Truth?

    Saw this link in blitz's sig. http://www.seducingwomen101.com Written by a woman. She contradicts everything said on fastseduction.com and Ross Jefferies etc. Makes for an interesting read. Comments? :D
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    What my AFC friend said

    " Don't look girls in the eye, it gives them a big-head (ego boost)" LOL, I couldn't stop laughing at that one as me and my friends were walking around the shopping centre checkin out the girls. :D Any other funny AFC lines?
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    Weights or Push-ups?

    Hi, im 16 and I'm trying to get my arms built and strong. Currently, im doing 9 kg weights for each arm 30 times each everyday. I also do push-ups when I dont feel like doin weights and do about 40 push-ups. I weigh around 60 kg and was wondering if doning push-ups are more effective for...
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    Confused about ****y + funny

    So what is ****y + funny really? I've read that it's either playing yourself up eg 'I know you want me, but you gotta work harder!' or neg-hitting a girl eg ' Your sooooooo smart *cough*' Or is it something else? I've read the dj and hs bible a bit but havent really found anything except...