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    Is it really possible to ascend from normie-tier to "women will approach me" via surgery maxxing?

    But why did epstein and weinstein and a tonne of other powerful guys have to resort to rape and paying girls for sex? Why didn't the girls think these guys were handsome (since they were powerful) and thus actually WANT to sleep with them?
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    Is it really possible to ascend from normie-tier to "women will approach me" via surgery maxxing?

    I think he wants actual attraction. Otherwise, may as well just get hookers I mean, all the recent powerful hollywood dudes being exposed recently for rape and stuff shows that power isn't enough. The girls weren't attracted to them despite their 'power' and riches. They had to resort to...
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    Does this style of game sound autistic to any of you?

    post some of your examples on how to do this. If they're not as cringey as the ones in the OP, i'll test them tomorrow night
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    Does this style of game sound autistic to any of you?

    I think this is what it looks like when people try to desperately find a way to 'create' attraction in a girl verbally (In lieu of being her type) PUA's (from the 'speed seduction' school of PUA) have a theory that by using these autistic sounding sentences you can create some sort of special...
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    Does this style of game sound autistic to any of you?

    Legit laughed! Imagine saying that stuff to anyone under 50. She'd think there was something a bit wrong with ya!
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    A journal of sorts

    that's the spirit! You looking for a girlfriend or just one night stands etc?
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    Starting to disagree more and more with PUA tactics

    I have similar thoughts (although not identical) based on my experience I'd say being 'happy' is almost enough in terms of 'game'. I know people who are FAR from 'doing well' in that they've never worked, don't drive and will never have any money etc etc, but they have impressive sex lives...
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    how would you game/exploit a work situation

    No, he's right. There's no 'age gap' laws in the UK. You could be 120 and still legally bang hot 16 year olds lol My brother is 40 banging an 18 year old bar girl but her friend (who works at the same bar) is 19 and banging the bar manager who's well in his 30's, BUT they've been dating for at...
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    what would be your opener (and transition after the opener)

    Same. She looks very happy compared to most girls in bars where I live. Not sure how i'd open - Probably just say 'hi' and ''transition'' with asking her how her night is going I used to try all kinds of PUA openers etc but after years of testing, i've found it's kind of irrelevant Only...
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    75% of my dates end with a lay. Here is how I do it.

    @stormrider - thanks for the reply. I think I get what you're saying now. Only thing i'd disagree with is that just having a 'pretty' face doesn't attract women (especially young ones). IN my experience it's like freaking catnip lol. Certain friends of mine who have nothing going for them...
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    75% of my dates end with a lay. Here is how I do it.

    What if someone is young (so they don't yet have millions in the bank and a CEO job to help 'attract' the girl) And they also aren't physically attractive. They work out etc, but they'r like 5ft tall and facially ugly lol Should that person give up on the idea of getting laid for free? I think...
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    Field Report

    Rarely see any FR's on this forum anymore so thought id post one Approach 1 In a bar and a girl is taking photos of her friends. I tap her on the shoulder me: ''You're friends always make you the designated photo taker?'' her: ''haha...thinking about it, it is always me taking the photos!''...
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    Grow A Beard

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    Grow A Beard

    nah, there's tonnes of good 'afters' from guys who had beard transplants lol
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    Grow A Beard

    I've been looking into a hair transplant recently, and now legit wondering how much it'll cost extra if I ask them to give me a beard aswell. Worth it if girls think they're hot
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    Best way to remember a woman's name

    haha this is so funny. I have the ****tiest memory in the universe and I can't tell you how many times i've been kissing a girl, about to seed teh pull, and she says ''What's my name?'' or ''I bet you don't even remember my name'' or whatever. I never have a a clue. One time I replied ''What...
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    Got banned from Roosh Forum

    And the new announcement by Roosh just now means that there's like no actual 'active; PUA/Game forums left! (he's' basically saying 'no more talk about sex/pulling etc, please!'.) He's gone full nut bar. Relligious now or something PS - I personally don't think he was ever a successful pickup...
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    Got banned from Roosh Forum

    I've never liked that place much (way too many old men trying SO hard to be alpha lol) It's also mainly about travelling/sugar daddy 'game' However, it's basically the only remaining active forum that at least talks a little about actual 'game' so I still read there.
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    Age May Matter for a Man when procuring young girls

    This. (and this goes for a number of things. Not just age.)
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    This Forum is Depressing AF

    Yeah, it's kind of interesting. It can all change pretty fast, too! I joined a certain PUA forum about 2 years ago, and at the time, mods were banning members straight away if they referenced looks at all. Even like ''I opened her, but she wasn't interested in me. I think I just wasn't her type...