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    Is never having been married a problem?

    Or they could think the man doesn’t want to be abused, cheated, raped or killed in case the woman is not happy.
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    Old fashioned girl

    This reminds me of a friends episode where Monica left a voice message for her ex boyfriend and she wanted to sound “breezy.” On the message she said “I’m just checking in. Let me know. Or don‘t. Whatever. I‘m breezy.” and then Joey said “You can’t SAY you are breezy. That totally NEGATES...
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    Are men bailing on dating?

    The men women desire don’t need to take them out on dates. They are alpha men; dominant, strong, men that women are attracted to on a primal basic instinct type of level. The beta men they are attracted to on a transactional level; sex for resources. The beta men are starting to the see...
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    Rejection Theory

    The issue with the type of thinking of “go get rejections for the sake of getting rejections” is not helpful. I agree a man shouldn’t wallow in rejections and give up, but if he is constantly getting rejected from women, he has to change his approach/game/style. As long as a man connects with a...
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    Red Flags

    I don’t agree with the term “red flags”. If a man is attracted to a girl, all he has to do is lay down his terms. She ride or walk, either leave it or love it. I have 5 conditions for any attractive girl: - has to be fertile - no kids - no divorces - no contact with ex’s - cannot CASH...
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    Is sex sacred to women at any point?

    It depends what age they are in their lives. If they are 16, they are in love and it’s special. If they are 34, they are practical and it’s about getting pregnant quickly. Everything a woman does depends on her priorities at the time. Its NEVER about capturing their heart or having power...
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    How much she initiates, shows a womans IL

    I would disagree. In determining a woman‘s interest level in 2020, initiation means much more than compliance. The reasons behind her initiation are irrelevant, it could be justified as she’s in love or she’s insecure. The fact that the women initiates herself means the man has the upper...
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    What to do when women say they want more emotion and cant stand the indifference?

    It means she wants to change the relationship from your terms to her terms. Just keep doing what you are doing. Don’t change anything,
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    Do you think marriage disproportionally benefits men because 70% of divorces are initiated by women?

    I think marriage BENEFITS men if they have a mistress on the side. To me, I think there is only ONE issue that SOLVE all aspects of marriage for man. It will make the woman behave accordingly and treat the man with respect. This issue prevented me from getting married. The issue? Whatever...
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    Chances of hot single girl not seeing anyone

    Mike32 is 100% right. When they are available, they are angry and cold. When they are smiling and laughing, they have a husband and child. Everytime I go to restaurants and the waitress is angry, it is because she is not giving sex to the alpha male. When she is smiling and friendly, she has a...
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    If I don't make my intentions clear, I'm a friend. If I do, I'm a creep. What the hell is going on?

    Shooting from the hip does not mean a man is alpha. Alpha means living on your own terms. You have to establish a connection with the girl first, unless you are in a bar and just want to hook up. Its good to be intense with a 30 something year old American woman doctor who hates men. Not...
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    Sleeping with tons of girls, feel empty

    You don't feel good sleeping with smoking hot chicks? What are you an idiot? It's called a dopamine rush. It's just like eating junk food or gambling or watching adult entertainment. It's awesome at the moment, feeling sucks afterward. if you are actually sleeping with hot girls, it doesn't...
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    "I'm a pretty ugly guy so probably won't like me"

    I honestly think the men of sosuave have no issues getting sex from women. Sex is very easy to get. Where men have troubles is getting the admiration, companionship, love and respect from women. This is very hard to get. When women have endless options, are consistently validated, can do no...
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    The Internet is the problem

    It's not the Internet. It the laws of the country that enable women to act without punishment or retribution. In Iran they have better Internet than New York City, yet men are still Kings and women are second class citizens. Why would a woman treat a man with any sort of respect when she...
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    Back to Basics: What to Talk About with Women

    Talk about anything except yourself or politics. Listen to what she says and RESPOND. That's how you get people to CONNECT with you. But you have to close in 5 minutes or less. There is not an infinite amount of time to close women. Get in, get the date, and get out.
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    Commitment does not benefit men, only women.

    I never said women are evil. I never said women are worthless. I never said women are terrible. I said women only care about what men can do for them. I am not salty towards women. I am describing their true nature and you are getting agitated. You are defending them. In what universe...
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    Commitment does not benefit men, only women.

    Having a LEGACY has NOTHING to do committing to ONE women forever. Half the wealthiest people have all gotten divorced and are fooling around with side pieces. Yet they all have children. You don’t need to commit to good woman to have a legacy. You need a woman who is fertile and will be...
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    Commitment does not benefit men, only women.

    Correlation does not mean causation.
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    Almost zero interest in women

    A man should be smashing everything with a pulse at OPs age. In my early 30s I would smash a girl three times a day and it still wouldn’t be enough, have to get the adult entertainment fix. Something definitely wrong with the OPs hormones.
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    Commitment does not benefit men, only women.

    Commitment to ONE woman does NOT benefit a man. It benefits women and is also very stable and good for society. Men are shamed by family, society and media if they don’t commit to a woman. Yet it costs a man an arm and leg to commit and keep a woman (wedding, house, her expenses), and it...