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    Gender Struggle Escalation

    ...contd... You want the answer to masculinity? It's not in how many days you wait before calling a girl, it's not in some "c0cky-funny" brinkmanship game, it's not in screwing with her head and passing her "sh!t-tests". It's CONFIDENCE and DEDICATION. It's declaring, "this is the person I...
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    Gender Struggle Escalation

    Is it out of control?? Men trying to "get over" on women, women trying to "get over" on men. The power struggle seems like it's escalating out of control. The "classic family" has the man as the authority of the household and a woman more as its vision. At some point, men started...
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    article : Why men are in trouble

    LOL...let's blame video games. :rolleyes: The reason that men are playing video games now, when they used to be the domain of young boys, is because the video-games made today are tailored and marketed toward older people. Maybe we should be like the previous generation and use alcohol to...
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    Once they've been fat they will return

    Sure, a woman who was fat before can become fat again. A woman who WASN'T fat before can become fat for the FIRST time as well. Just stop exercising and start eating a lot of junk. Sh*t, man...better not date ANY woman because if she can eat, there's a chance she could become fat!! :whistle:
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    Once they've been fat they will return

    :crackup: Translation: Funny story, So I meet this attractive woman the other day...I figured she'd be easy because she's of foreign descent and I've heard they are a lot easier-going on shy men like me. But as it turns out, she's totally hot and knows it. I suddenly got nervous about...
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    Science is masculine, religion is feminine

    If you're arguing that Plato's Republic advocates communism, then yes, you are correct...and it's based on definitions of "justice" and "virtue" that work on a purely academic level, but in practical application fail to describe the human condition in its totality. It's academia run away with...
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    Strange...I always thought of frisbees as disposable. :woo: I've gone through enough of them.
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    Need some quick house tips - girl coming by

    Dust and vacuum, clean the toothpaste grime and such off of the bathroom mirrors, wash your sheets. Basic stuff. It doesn't have to be a "pimp pad", but think about a place that a girl would be comfortable lounging around. Scents are nice, but nothing overpowering. If something stinks, you'd do...
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    Awful Breakup

    The one thing that puzzles me is why you were with her so long to begin with. I mean, what it sounds like to me is that you didn't qualify her enough early-on...that you let her get lazy/fat/complacent and never said a word about it (maybe out of politeness/gentlemanliness) and she got the...
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    What is thsi chick on POF talking about?

    LOL...were you trying to SET the time and the place, or trying to get HER to set the time and the place? It sounds like you were being kinda wishy-washy...not confident in your decisions and feeling the need to justify everything you said. Not what I would expect out of a 32-year-old man who...
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    That's why. ;) Although if we keep electing communists and class-warfare-ists like Obama, we won't be far behind. :whistle:
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    What do you guys do for a living?

    That depends...younger people, sometimes it's easier to teach them "from scratch" than to un-teach some of the things they've learned that don't work well at other institutions. They just wanna see you got a degree so they know they can "indoctrinate you". Older people, YES, experience is...
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    Science is masculine, religion is feminine

    ...continued... Here's the thing this article is trying to get across that I think is mired down in this forum-mess. Newtonian physics work well enough in 99.99% of situations, enough that we can rely on them. But if we try to build theories based on them, sooner or later we find "holes"...
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    Science is masculine, religion is feminine

    That's an interesting way of looking at Plato. I don't think Plato's intention was to prop the "ideal" up over the "real". Rather, it was to explain the meanings of ideas...these thoughts like "love" and "justice" and things ACCEPTED by his society to represent certain ideas over time...
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    On the possibility of interacting with a woman with BPD

    Why do the latest generations have to constantly slap labels on women to describe why they're crazy? EVERY OTHER THREAD, BPD-this, BPD-that. Maybe it's because WE are not confident that WE are the sane ones and we don't have the balls to just stand up and say, "I know who *I* am and this girl...
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    sorry new, wahts a PUA and AFC

    An "AFC" is a guy who can't get women. A "PUA" is a guy who posts on Internet forums about not being able to get women. :D
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    Can BPD woman really change?

    What does that tell you about this forum and its ideas about "BPD"? DSM Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder: 1) Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment. ...such as constructing elaborate schemes, mind games, and tactics to "snag" and "hang on to" women 2) A...
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    Anyone dealing w/ Alcoholism personally?

    (bear in mind, that when I use "you" in these long posts, I'm not referring only to the OP or the person I'm quoting, but to everyone interested) Let's be honest...it didn't give you "extra energy". It's a depressant. What it DID do was lower your inhibitions and allow you to act on your...
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    Help with new girlfriend situation

    Good link! Sums it up nicely...and gives me some needed insight, believe it or not. Thank you. :)
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    About to become a 21 year-old virgin in a few hours...

    I think you DO know what to do. For some reason, you're just not motivated enough to change your habits. I'll stop short of calling you "lazy", because I'm not holy enough to cast that particular stone, but for some reason the motivation to change the conditions responsible for your state is...