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    Looking for...

    So I just move to Scottsdale Arizona, I’m here by myself. Sometimes I like going out on the weekends. I’ve been to the bars by my self but it’s not the same. It’ll be cool to have another dude with me so we can motivate each other to approach girls. Since for the most part girls always go out...
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    WHY THE WAIT?...

    Me and my buddy got in to a discussion of going back and forth. The topic was that any woman that makes you wait for sex, the sex is not worth the way. Specially after a couple of dates. I believe that’s there’s a reason for that, he thinks otherwise... Would like to hear you answers from...
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    Scam or what

    Have anyone here been in Ashley Madison, the whole thing looks like a scam....
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    Modern life dating

    So who here have done the body language mastery course online by this dude name Jonathan. He’s on YouTube
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    The signs from the start

    Looking to amplify more of my knowledge about the female body language, any books,video etc?
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    Moving to Phoenix Arizona

    So things for me in Cali aren’t going to well, or at least the way I want too. Who here is from Phoenix?? I would like some pointers on the night life, girls, economy