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    Doubts about attractiveness during dates

    This, don't over think things in the early stages. Just stay cool and go wih the flow.. You won't know whether she is worth keeping until you've been with her about 10 times anyway, and that assumes you are banging her within the first 3, which you MUST be.
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    Married Women Affairs With Single Man

    Agreed. Best thing you can do is walk away and move on - last thing you want is to push her for more and somehow get the husband involved.
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    Sometimes, I want to go beat up a bf just because he's locked up a fine girl lol

    Getting angry about it is a waste of time dude. But yeah, if she gives you her number, no harm in keeping it and putting them onto your mass text message mailing list - you'll never know when you might catch her in a horny mood and ready for some action.
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    Club/bar dancing

    This. Girls can tell the difference if you are doing it because you enjoy it, or if you are just looking to hook up. If you are out there enjoying yourself and are a reasonable looker, it's amazing how often a GIRL will grab YOU to dance and some sloppy make out that sometimes progresses to...
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    why spinning plates doesnt work

    ^ This - obviously doesn't go on forever, but beats oneitis any day.
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    So lets find out how to identify girls who are DTF at the club

    To be completely honest, I can't remember a single occasion when I have met a girl, got her number and texted her later in the night. It is either a case of she is into me and will go away (either to another part of the club where I can escalate or straight back to my place) or if not, move...
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    What's your current living situation?

    Describes it perfectly from the one time I lived with a gf. She was a bit of a neat freak though, I generally keep things pretty clean but she was anal about it.
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    I don’t always go out on a Friday. But when I do I get a make out! - FR

    Good work dude, and keep at it. You can never predict what is going to happen on a particular night, but if you have fun while you do it, that's it what counts. Def keeping laying off the "fapping" and looking at p@rn...it's amazing for me how often when I lay off it how I seem to get laid...
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    How many of you over 30 is dating chicks 18 to 25?

    Girl i'm seeing at the moment is 25 and i'm 29...pretty much all the girls ice been with have been younger...they seem to get off on being with older dudes..go for it!
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    Am I being anal?

    ^^ This. Sounds like you blew a damned near sure thing.
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    Good Morning Texts

    By you - never... if she sends them, its a good indication of interest, feel free to respond, but preferably not straight away...i have a handy excuse that I leave my personal phone in my work car, hence natural not to check my phone for several hours at a time (which is actually the case).
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    Girl online asking me to add her on facebook

    Ignore the b/s advice above....forget all this cr@p about it being wrong to add a girl to facebook if your profile shows you as a cool guy and not a loser...>! If you add her, it is only natural to chat to her at same stage and suggest a meet up and get her number. If she doesn't give you...
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    Seeing women who are married/have a boyfriend. How do YOU feel about it?

    1 married - didn't know the dude - for a couple of months 1 with b/f - a couple of times - I knew the guy and actually still work with him...still see her sometimes as well, she acts like she hates me, but can tell she doesn't since she always blushes and looks down when I laugh at...
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    Field report: Ending of the dry spell

    I agree. Good to see some more of these on here, rather that just the usual whining about how sitting on a computer reading pick up advice isn't getting them women.
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    Field Report: My First ONS, Masculinity, & Tips Regarding American Women

    Didn't have time to read the whole thing mate, but good work. After your first, you begin to realise how easy it really is. How when a girl is in the mood, she'll drop her panties so easily... Something this board needs more of is success stories, rather than the usual pathetic whining...
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    Seeding and breeding - way to keep and reap

    Personally, I think its way more alpha to be earning good money (enough that if you had to, you could go on a holiday for years if you wanted to), doing one night stands whenever you please, and free to do as you please rest of the time, as opposed to a guy who is living off his woman's credit...
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    which idiot forgot the rules to fightclub?

    Good idea, have done it myself before in my busier periods, when you have a lot of prospects and am weeding out those not chasing your d!ck. But dude should never have given it out, that's for sure.
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    Why is it GUYS who seem to get too emotionally invested?

    Emotional investment in too short a time period = NEEEEEDDDY Not getting emotionally invested after a reasonable period (e.g. 6 months) is also not healthy. Probably because I am so busy with work lately and don't have time for a relationship of any sort, I don't seem to be getting...
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    Don't have any actual articles, but here's some examples from my past. God I'm a sick bastard... Admittedly, the first one I met in person first, but managed to get her and her friend to my place through FB messaging so kinda counts: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=188675...
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    well it looked like i had a date set up for tomorrow then...

    Pretty much says it - if you care enough about the result to post it before you even meet up with her, chances are you will blow it anyway. Try to stop over analysing every interaction and expect magic answers on here. Just go for what seems right from your gut feel, learn from your...