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    Daring or desperate? The cold, door-knock approach

    So there's this cute girl I work with and am quite interested in. She also lives in my apartment building, I found out recently. Having just ended a LTR I've been meaning to ask her out to move things along. I ran into her the other night in front of the building and we chatted for a minute...
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    The perfect DJ is a Jesus freak

    So I'm sitting at a table overlooking a man-made pond on campus when this moderatly attractive girl comes up to me, introduces herself, and asks to goin me. I say sure, and she proceeds to tell me that I look like something was bothering me, and asked me what I was thinking about. I answered...
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    It's all over (for my young marrage advisors)

    Well now it's really over. She's gone, and although I should feel happy I feel pretty low. Tell me again why this is is good thing. And if it is, my is it so hard to move on?
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    Recovery efforts?

    In the begining s*** was sweet. I played the cool DJ: indiffernt, suave, and secure in myself. I got me a fine girl, I was actually a little surprised I got her, and everything was cool. Now we been together for a couple months and we're doin the love-birds thing, and we've seemed to switch...
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    Passion of the booty

    I've got this girl I've been going with for a while, and in the begining I was getting more butt than ash trays, I mean we were gettin it done like 5-6 times a week. And it was good. But all along she's kinda had moral convictions about it, ya know sayin its wrong, and that she wants too but...
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    On getting married young

    So I'm about 20 years old and in college and have been dating a girl for not too long, but it seems we are very much in love, I stress the "it seems" part. The subject of marrage has been brought up many times, partly in jest, and it seems that all I really have to do is ask. Though, since...
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    Make them love you

    I've read more than a few post on this site about poor saps who just can't seem to get their girl to make the leap from makeing out to the old horizontal limbo. I too, like most guys, have had my difficulties with this dilemma in the past, but have found one technique that has never failed...