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    I'm leaving SoSuave

    Later dude
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    Militant gay hate movement attacks christian bakery with lawsuit

    Sice gays and lezbos preech tolerance, shouldn't they be tolerant of the other people's beliefs?
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    Posters promoting 'straight pride' week at an Ohio university removed from campus

    Something about how it's always okay to attack the majority or the privileged, but not the other way around. Also, the privileged aren't supposed to go around speaking about how proud they are to be 'privileged'. Why should we brag about being part of evil patriarchy that's soul purpose is to...
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    I'm probably going to jail

    Hey brohan, haven't hear from you in a while, nothing new in your world I see. So you made it through the night, still got your ding-a-ling? I would agree with talking to a lawyer. Also, I'd get some type of recording equipment, other than just your phone, so you're prepared for next...
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    U.S. Army forces cadets to wear high heels in support of feminist rape agenda

    This is a disgrace. There has got to be even feminist women who are turned off by this. Feminists need someone fighting and dying for them so they're free to spew their faulty propoganda to make themselves feel important. If everyone turned full retard like them, even they no deep down that...
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    godlike Don Juan needed...LTR

    Interesting.... Never considered this.
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    how do you handle plates

    Well, if you recognize yourself getting needy then take a step back, put away the phone, and go get another plate. If you're "spinning" a few chicks that are nothing more than fvck buddies or booty calls then, yeah, it can be difficult to keep from getting needy. In this case, you'll need to...
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    how do you handle plates

    Strange question. One of the reasons for spinning plates is to keep you from being needy. Once they get spinning, it's the women who seem to become needy.
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    Getting your ahole licked by a girl..

    Whoa. Who said anything about strap ons or getting pegged in the butt by her boyfriend?? Why you taking it there....back seat? Fantasy of yours?
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    Getting your ahole licked by a girl..

    Full Disclosure: I may be the King of this. For some reason, chicks love going down on my butt hole. Either that, or I'm just the King at picking up chicks who are severely messed up in the head. No big deal, IMO. People tend to associate anything to do with the butt to being "gay", but the...
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    Complicated @ the Academy

    Besides sounding childish, you're setting yourself up for a lose/lose situation.
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    being bald is like being the guy from sixth sense

    You sound like a whining crying b1tch. Maybe that's the reason you're not getting laid.
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    Is spinning plates all that necessary?

    One of the reasons to spin plates is so YOU don't prematurely get attached to one woman who you may or may not have gotten attached to if you weren't seeing other women, and therefore had a CHOICE on who you wanted to see. *see Lesson 14 of 'Pook's 15 Lessons'. However, like Jurry stated, you...
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    Attention Moderators: SoSuave.Net Credibility Issue

    Recently I saw an add for "how to get your girlfriend back" or something like that. Has anyone clicked on these adds? Where do they go? I'm little hesitant to, considering my computer is important to me, and I need it work.
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    Alpha f*cks beta bucks explained

    It may be semantics. Who determines if a particular guy is a "bad boy"? The woman, of course. And what makes this guy a "bad boy"? He treats her like $hit, maybe? To her, what's treating her like $hit? Not commiting. There's other things of course, and a guy can still...
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    Alpha f*cks beta bucks explained

    The Alpha won't commit, because, for him, there is no reason to. Why would he? There are plenty of benefits for a beta to commit, for one, he gets a perceived exclusivity from a woman, something that he holds very dear, and doesn't come around very often. The Alpha, on the other hand, has...
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    Well, one more life ruined under a feminist state

    I honestly don't know anything about ^this. No problem at all. Opinions welcomed.
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    If a chick goes out of her way to make you jealous

    "You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life." -Winston Churchill
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    Well, one more life ruined under a feminist state

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    Are there any professional books of how to get women outside of PUA community ?

    I couldn't agree more with you. For whatever reason, they feel that treating other people with respect - shows weakness. I won't get into that particular subject any further, however, when learning game, don't lose yourself. I'm very adamant at telling people to learn one step at a time...