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  1. MountainSlide

    Hair loss: Shave Vs. Transplant

    shaving the head is easy and cheap. My heads shaped nicely enough. But mostly only dudes ever compliment me on it lol. My recession isn’t too bad but it’s enough that it looks better shaved than with hair. Contemplating getting a transplant done. What do you guys think??
  2. MountainSlide

    My Game Backfired Last Night

    One of my ex’s has slowly been creeping her way back into my life. I’ve been having sex with her over the past few weeks. We’d agreed to just have a f*** buddy relationship. We were hanging out last night and another girl was blowing up my phone. The ex had a meltdown. She was crying and...
  3. MountainSlide

    Date change - use takeaway?

    When you have a date set with a girl for 6pm and she messages you with a story - reasons as to why - for her convenience - that the date be moved back to 9pm. Do you accept this with an idgaf attitude or use the takeaway to judge IL and attempt to keep the original plan?
  4. MountainSlide

    Bisexual women. Is this just a trend?

    I’ve noticed that at least 50% of women that I talk to these days are bisexual. This must be a result of at least 50% of men going completely feminine and becoming super betas. If men are acting like women, and women are acting like men, but a girl still likes the D, then doesn’t it make sense...
  5. MountainSlide

    Best hobbies for 2020

    My main hobbies: drinking and getting tail. This makes for a great conversation with my friends, but, time to move on from that shyt. I’m not 21 years old anymore. What kind of things you guys have for hobbies that keep you feeling good, keep you busy, and adds excitement to your lives.
  6. MountainSlide

    Girl trying to turn date into a double?

    Girl and myself have plans for this evening. Like first date type situation. She messages me and says that her friend wants to come and asks me to bring one of mine. What do you guys think? Sh!t test?
  7. MountainSlide

    The Never Ending Text Conversation

    It seems to me that cellphones have made everyone so available these days. Do you see the never ending text conversation as a possible way to build attraction or an attraction killer? Should texting be used primarily for logistics? To be clear, when I say never ending text convo. I mean a...
  8. MountainSlide

    Setting dates vs. Spur of the moment

    what do you guys think. Are you more into making plans with a girl and setting up a definite date, Or just giving her a call when your bored and seeing if she wants to hang out?
  9. MountainSlide

    Meeting new women

    Typically I’ve always gone to the bars when looking to pick up girls Or got introductions through friends. But I would like to expand my stomping grounds a bit. Where are some places that people on this forum have had good success with meeting women and getting numbers?
  10. MountainSlide

    Weird situation with roommates girlfriend

    I had the day off work and was chilling watching some tv. Roommate had to go to work but he let his girlfriend who had stayed the night sleep in after he left. When she got up we chatted for a few minutes and she asked me if I wanted to check out her new car. I responded with “sure”. So I...
  11. MountainSlide

    Girl initiating texting but not meeting up?

    I know this HB8. Hooked up with her a bunch of times before. Now it seems that she just wants to be pen pals?? Lol. She initiates texting everyday but seems to have no interest in meeting up. I’ll shoot 2-3 messages back and forth. Then tell her I’m going to do xyz, chat later. Later on...
  12. MountainSlide

    Should I just next this girl??

    Girl is supposed to go on a date with me at 7pm this evening. Calls me at 6pm. I ask her how she’s doing, she says depressed, laying in bed all day. I ask her if she’ll be at the restaurant for 7pm. She responds that she doesn’t feel up to it. I said “thanks for the advance notice”. Then...
  13. MountainSlide

    Is sex thanks enough after a date?

    I’ve been seeing this one girl for a bit now. We’ve been on quite a few dates and pretty much always hook up after. Something has not been sitting right with me though, I have zero recollection of this girl ever saying thank you after a date and has never even offered to split the bill...
  14. MountainSlide

    Scheduling/re-scheduling dates

    Two girls I’ve had sex with both and they are chasing me now. But I got excited and double booked them into the same evening. My schedule is quite busy so it’s hard to make time. They’re both hot. I would like some advice on the best way to know which one to reschedule and which one to go...
  15. MountainSlide

    Why is she picking a fight over nothing?

    I’ve been hooking up with this girl for a month. Spent quite a bit of time with her. Last night we have sex and afterward are laying together. I thought of something that happened earlier in the day and laughed about it. This chick lost her shyt on me and started a big fight. Saying that I...
  16. MountainSlide

    Contact level with maybe fwb

    This chick that my friend is seeing brought her roommate out for drinks with us. One thing led to another and we hooked up. The next morning she bounced. Later in the day she added me to facebook. She’s kind of trashy though. Like facebook profile pictures of her in her underwear kinda...
  17. MountainSlide

    Just a funny thing that happened

    I had this girl over at my house and we were having a good time. At some point during the evening, unbeknownst to me, my ex messaged my cell. The girl that I was with responded to her, “He’s busy right now”. Now the ex keeps messaging me. I think it’s funny that the cheating hoe ex freaks...
  18. MountainSlide

    My Ex just called me

    So my ex girlfriend just called me and asked me for a ride to some guys house so they can day drink. I told her no and that I was busy then got off the phone. I think she may be the most retarded person I’ve ever met because if I called her and asked her for a ride over to some rando girls...
  19. MountainSlide

    Pretty sure some chick was trying to catfish me

    I talked to this girl for a few days online. She was no super model but a good looking girl. So nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She sent me a selfie of her out for dinner at a restaurant. When I wasn’t busy a couple hours later I asked her where she went for dinner. She said a friends...
  20. MountainSlide

    Flakey behaviour

    I used to hook up with this girl. Then about 7 months ago I told her to beat it because she kept cancelling plans we made and did it three times in a row. Then yesterday out of the blue she pops back up again and asks me to come and hang out. So we made plans for today. Then she starts...