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  1. suave sauce

    A journey: 100 days. 100 sets.

    Man I just spent the Lat hour reading your thread Haha very inspiring. When you do the majority of your game at the mall and at night are you by yourself?
  2. suave sauce

    Southern California DJs Reply Here

    What's up, I'm 19 and love day game. In LA almost every week. Let's connect.
  3. suave sauce

    Anybody in LA day game

    I am 19 years old. I am in LA roughly every week for auditions and gigs. Would love to connect and do some great day game. Email me at naturalbornyou@gmail.com
  4. suave sauce

    Started talking to women after ONEits

    Bro honestly it depends on your morals. I would never have sex with a married woman. And a ****ton of makeup is also mad nasty! But if you don't mind having sec with the generals wife and don't mind the makeup. DO IT! Also talk to all girls you are attracted to because it will allow you to pick...
  5. suave sauce

    On a mission to giving no fvcks

    On a mission to giving no fvcks
  6. suave sauce

    need help with girl she went cold i think

    You've done your part. You have showed her that your interested. The next move is on her so if I were you I'd wait a few days to see if she texts or calls you and if she doesn't than I'd shoot her a text. But whatever you do dont come of as needy. Remember that you are a DJ and never is one girl...
  7. suave sauce

    "You were in my dream last night..."

    Unless you want a long distance relationship or nudes or whatever id just leave it alone. Unless you want to work at your texting game which could never hurt.
  8. suave sauce

    How to build social circle from scratch

    I recently just got out of a LTRS and im in the same position you're in, having to start from scratch. What I've found is that you need to start putting yourself out there more and being able to flowbwith the flow or roll with the punches. Something that sounds almost obvious but so many people...
  9. suave sauce

    my log

    I decided that from now on im going to keep a log of how each week has been in terms of becoming a DJ. I discovered the sosuave site about a month ago and since it has had a pretty great impact. Before I had low self esteem and my confidence was shot. I just got out of a LTRS a few months ago...
  10. suave sauce

    ex problems

    My ex and I broke up a few months ago and the problem is I dont miss her as much as I am disgusted in the way she acts now. She was an amazing girl but now shes acting recklessly and sleeping with a bunch of guys. I can't seem to get past this even when I hear her name it turns my stomach into...