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  1. touma.akagi

    Can't stop taking painkillers

    I've been having ongoing neck and back pain and I take them daily. I can't stop because the pain is too distracting if I do. I take only normal amounts and haven't abused them. Been this way for about five to six months. Has anyone else been in this dilemma? And if so, what did you do about it?
  2. touma.akagi

    Back/neck problems and sleeping

    Been seeing a chiropractor due to increasing back and neck misalignment, and I've just been fluctuating between feeling better and then getting worse. One month I only steadily get worse, leading up to the next appointment, and the next I'll start feeling worse just one week after the...
  3. touma.akagi

    Myths, half truths and lies of ommission of the community

    About nine months ago, I roughed a doc outlining some principles that are common on here and on other sites in the attraction community that just aren't as true/applicable as people make them out to be. Don't know who needs to see this, but it could be useful to newbies here, so I'll share...
  4. touma.akagi

    Laura Loomer was banned from Facebook, paid Zucky's castle a visit

    Laura Loomer, Paul Joseph Watson, Milo Yiannopolous and Alex Jones were all banned from Facebook, and its child app Instagram, a few days ago. Laura actually found out about her ban from Instagram 30 minutes before it was supposed to happen, as people were in on it, and she was able to make a...
  5. touma.akagi

    What guns, if any, do you own?

    My 21st birthday is around a few corners and I am considering investing and someday taking a concealed carry class. Thoughts are appreciated
  6. touma.akagi

    Do you eat breakfast? If so, what do you usually have?

    Breakfast has been one of the most controversial meals in any social circle I've been in. Some people insist on eating it daily, as it's quite important, others skip it almost always and just have lunch and dinner, still others eat 5+ meals a day which no doubt means one of them is breakfast...
  7. touma.akagi

    Computer science/programming

    I went to a CS-focused college and thought it was the perfect fit for me - 3 year program, nice events at school, and people who graduate make big money... but I had to withdraw because of my grades. I just had a tough time learning Java. Had I known it would be a problem, I would've studied it...
  8. touma.akagi

    (Video)Donald Trump's Alpha Behavior

    I'm guessing that many of us on this site are indeed more conservative since we have had it with feminism, etc, but no matter how you feel about him, Trump is a great example unto us on body language. (It's short.)
  9. touma.akagi

    Given the redpill nature of this site, why is profanity "bleeped out" anyway?

    Title says it all really, we obviously are an offensive community, an affront to feminism, etc, so why bother having a language filter? It's not like doing so makes this site magically SFW
  10. touma.akagi

    How does one date on a tight budget?

    Surprisingly, I've never seen anybody bring this topic up! I myself don't have a whole lot of money and I'd love to hear your thoughts
  11. touma.akagi

    Has anyone tried fasting? How effective was it?

    If so, how long did you do it and what was it like?? I'm a little curious about it and think I may try to undertake a fast of my own. The fact is that I'm 20 years old, a slight bit heavier than I'd like to be, and for the past year or so been finding myself always hungry, tired a significant...
  12. touma.akagi

    Am happy with my life but get no results. A dilemma

    I'm in an awkward position right now. I've been lurking these forums on and off for quite a while, before deciding to sign up, trying to figure out how to get successful with girls and women around me. I started browsing in eighth grade and continued through high school. (There even used to be a...