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  1. Dr.Rocanlover

    Long weekend with LTR

    Me: Yo, babe. I´m picking you up at your house this date and time. I´m taking you out for a bite. Her: Sure. The day of, I´m driving towards her house. I´m about halfway when she sends me a text: Her: I´m @ the pharmacy. I left the door open for you, let yourself in. So I did. Took out my...
  2. Dr.Rocanlover

    One week diet

    So I´m going to a prom (a relative of mine is graduating) next saturday night. Tried on my favorite night suit and I still fit in. I said what the hell, I´ll lose some weight anyway. I´m doing Slim Fast milk shake morning and night. Started Last night and will continue untils this...
  3. Dr.Rocanlover

    Tinder for newbies

    So last monday I had some time to kill. I was chilling in my couch and downloaded tinder just for kicks. I was in the mood to try a few things. My opener with by far most replies was when I only wrote: "Avengers or Game of Thrones?" From 30+ matches only one or two didn't respond. Only one...
  4. Dr.Rocanlover

    GF of 2 + years didn´t answer my phone call last night

    And I didn´t hear from her until this morning. She claims her phone was on vibrate (which it normally is). She says she arrived home from work, made herself dinner, and played board games with her family until midnight and her battery died. I know a lot of forum posters will jump and cry...
  5. Dr.Rocanlover

    Calling all female posters

    My sister likes this guy at her work. They would compliment each other nicely because my sister has European nationality and he is from the U. S. so its a win win for both of them in my point of view. They stumbled upon one another at the elevator and he mentioned he's single. @BeExcellent...
  6. Dr.Rocanlover

    Number closing girls on the fence.

    So this post got me thinking: https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/she-asked-why-i-asking-her-phone-number.252387/ When a girl has high interest she will always give you her number. Some girls, for a bunch of different reason, will never give it up to a specific dude no matter how good his...
  7. Dr.Rocanlover

    How do you deal with family drama?

    Since my dad died, my mother and my little sister live with me (mom is in her sixties, sis is pretty much a teen). So my mom has this crazy aunt who loves attention and drama (in the worst possible way) and she´s always making up wild crazy stories about my housekeeper. The crazy great aunt is...
  8. Dr.Rocanlover

    Best happy birthday texts for hot girls in 2018?

    What has worked for you this year?
  9. Dr.Rocanlover

    Trouble with sleep. Would love some help guys.

    I don´t wanna quit my job but sometimes I get this awful shift for a whole semester when I start at 7 A.M. Five days a week. I try to go to bed early but it´s no use, i just roll around for hours and barely get in any sleep (only have trouble when I have this shift, like it´s psychological...
  10. Dr.Rocanlover

    Girlfriend of year and a half wants to take the next step.

    So we´ve been in the relationship for more than a year and a half. Last Friday night she said she wanted to take the next step. I told her: "You know, recently I´ve thinking about three different things: Marriage, moving in together, and having a baby. The truth is, I don´t want any of those...
  11. Dr.Rocanlover

    Never seen this before

    So I drove my sister to the mini-mart to buy some stuff. I stayed in the car while she was doing the shopping. I was just looking around when something caught my eye. I saw a young, beautiful, skinny white girl exiting the mini mart, she was carrying a bunch of heavy stuff with one hand. I´ve...
  12. Dr.Rocanlover

    Need help!!! Best way to respond to a public negative comment on facebook?

    Hey guys! So I work as a teacher in a goverment high school. Someone took a small video of me and posted it on facebook (I didn´t even notice when they took it). Most comments are positive ("I love that teacher!" and that sort of stuff) but there´s this girl, a current student of the high...
  13. Dr.Rocanlover

    Where´s the ring?

    So my girlfriend and I have officially been in a relationship for a year. We celebrated last weekend, it was all good but... Her friends and her mom are (in a kind of half joke half truth kind of way) asking where´s the ring. I just ignored but in retrospective, I could´ve have said something...
  14. Dr.Rocanlover

    1 year anniversary with gf coming up in less than a month

    She´s probably expecting dinner at a nice restaurant and some sort of gift. Gift ideas? Maybe something inexpensive but thoughtful
  15. Dr.Rocanlover

    Is it possible to break up with a gf without her crying?

    Was talking about this with my cousin and he says it's not possible. What do you think?
  16. Dr.Rocanlover

    Need help for my little sister

    Where/how can she meet a high value guy that´s worth it? Some info on her: She´s 19, blond hair, beautiful eyes, charismatic, social and outgoing. (Almost) Everyone loves her. She´s currently studying a bachelors in Marketing and I´m trying to convince her to continue her studies with a...
  17. Dr.Rocanlover

    Gf is mad because she lost her watch. Says is my fault

    So there's this very nice smash and dash motel on the main avenue on the way to my girlfriends house which we go to bang when we get horny at the end of a date. Today I woke up and checked my phone. There was a text from her saying she is very mad. We talked over the phone and she told me she...
  18. Dr.Rocanlover

    Gf gets mad when I´m being quiet

    She wants me to talk as much as (she says) she does but I don´t always feel like talking. Adviced appreciated
  19. Dr.Rocanlover

    What do you make of this?

    Saturday night gf and I were at my place watching The Walking Dead when I got a text. Gf asked who's texting you? Una amiga I said. Moments later gf asked where I knew her from. Work I said. Moments later she asked me why was she texting me at this hour(midnight). I said Good question, I'm not...
  20. Dr.Rocanlover

    Got into an exclusive relationship after 10 years of casual dating

    Hi there. Long time lurker first time poster. Long post coming, if you get something from it, good, if you can tell me what you would´ve done differently or give advice, great. 30 years old. Hate going to the gym (sucks, I know). Really bad at playing "the game". I was in a serious...