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    Research shows that relationships that start online are stronger and last longer than in person ones

    This goes against all the advice here but to be honest this is what I have found as well. Have been in 2 lengthy relationships with women I met on OLD(one from POF and one from OKC) and they were the 2 best relationships I have ever had. The vast majority of women you will meet in real life...
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    FR: Lay Report but a little frustrated

    Had a woman over for a 3rd date at my place. We cooked dinner and then watched a movie. After the movie things got hot and heavy...started feeling her up and then grabbed her hand and placed it directly on my c0ck which she proceeded to rub thru my jeans...I started to rub her pvssy thru her...
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    Find a smash partner before the COVID lockdowns reoccur

    Guys could make it pretty easy on themselves in thr next month or so by finding a smash partner to ride out the huge corona surge getting ready to happen which will either cause new lockdowns to take place or will really push people into not wanting to take many chances again. But...if you have...
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    Man drugged and robbed by obese woman he was flirting with...disgraceful

    I am not sure I would have even reported it since the hotel was going to have surveillance...why would you admit you were trying to bang a wildabeest?? Just disgusting. Not only did he not get laid from an obese woman, he also lost 9K...
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    FR: Almost get busted by police getting BJ in car

    Met up with this woman for the 3rd time tonight, she has had a very high IL from the beginning. Went for a short hike, she took me to get some ice cream and we parked across the street from the place in an abandoned lot. We go back to the car to eat the ice cream since it's cold out and we can't...
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    Plate tries to act up...I laugh her off and she gets mad

    Plate I have been seeing for 2 months started acting up this morning. She was supposed to come over this afternoon and she got mad because she didn't hear from me after like 11am yesterday. Normally I send her a few texts spaced throughout the day, yesterday just wasn't in the mood so I didn't...
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    Wow...there really are women that tell the truth out there..."I want to submit to my man. I want him to lead us"

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    Erection problems? Testosterone levels might not be an issue, estrogen dominance might be...

    So I found something interesting out while on TRT. If my T levels get higher than a certain level, I start suffering from erectile issues. It made no sense to me because ED is typically when your T levels are too low, not when they are in a high normal range. It was baffling to me why when I was...
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    Double Lay Report from yesterday...it was a good day

    Banged 2 women for the first time yesterday and it is crazy how things go in cycles. So the first is a woman I have been seeing for about a month or so now...4th date. This is the one who initially said she didn't feel a spark but still wanted to hang out...needless to say that isn't an issue...
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    Woman reschedules date then tries to change location at last minute. I cancel

    Was supposed to meet this woman last Tuesday, she was forced to stay late at work and asks to reschedule for the next day. I tell her I have plans that day and it won't work. Then she asks what about Friday...tell her I am busy til next week and we make plans for today. Now the location has...
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    Guy gets fired for using woman's number he collected for COVID tracking to message jer

    Bottom line....if the guy was hot and contacted her she would have been sucking his c0ck later that night instead of thinking it was weird and creepy. https://www.yahoo.com/news/bus-driver-fired-kat-kingsley-original-tour-test-and-trace-details-182935387.html
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    Fvcked up post date interaction...best way to salvage?

    Here we go again...had what I thought was a great first date, made out multiple times, grabbing each other's asses, she grabbed and held my hand for a long time as we walked...she initiated the kiss at the end of the date and told me how much fun she had... So I call her a few days later(she...
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    Guess not even being a hot former NFL player and bachelor star makes you good with women

    Colton Underwood seems like he might need this forum...some of those texts are a little cringey https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/colton-allegedly-sent-cassie-text-122100073.html
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    In a dating funk...keep getting first date rejections...unsure what is going on

    So I typically do pretty well on first dates but this is starting to get my confidence a little shaken I must admit... I have had a string of first date rejections lately that go nowhere now and it's pretty rare for me...almost like when I was just getting started and didn't know anything... I...
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    Some great facial exercises to lose chubby cheeks and define your jawline [Video]

    For those that struggle with puffy cheeks(not related to weight) like me, this definitely has helped in that area....basically you strengthen the muscles of the face and neck and then focus on proper facial posture when your mouth is closed most of the day... Great video, try these out:
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    20 Dark Psychological Tactics to use to make women fall in love with you [Video]

    This type of stuff has been discussed by others but he sums it up nicely and gives good examples in the video...worth a listen.
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    "Secret mission" first date ideas...

    I have been experimenting with this last few dates I have been on and with new women texting prior to the dates and they seem to love this... The context is that you talk about a secret mission you two are going to go on and then the whole date has this 007esque type of feel to it where you...
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    IDGAF mindset starting to take hold...and already seeing results

    Woman cancels first date due to car being in the shop and a part not being there so I tell her to go pick up the car and then drop it off tomorrow. She says its too far and its really loud and embarrassing to drive and begs to reschedule. Normally i would have said yeah that's cool but instead...
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    Annoying issue with message boards and cell phone(android)

    Has anyone been having an issue where when you hit the backspace/delete key when using this from your cell phone that the keyboard closes? Or the enter key? I know it's this forum in particular because it doesn't happen at any other time in other forums I am in. Just started happening recently...
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    Crazy OLD experience...first time this has happened...

    So I had been messaging a woman for a little bit and she disappears for 3 weeks or so. Never heard back from her. The last message I sent was asking if she wanted to exchange numbers and I left mine. Fast forward to about a half hour ago and I get a message from a number I don't recognize. And...