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    Commitment does not benefit men, only women.

    Commitment to ONE woman does NOT benefit a man. It benefits women and is also very stable and good for society. Men are shamed by family, society and media if they don’t commit to a woman. Yet it costs a man an arm and leg to commit and keep a woman (wedding, house, her expenses), and it...
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    Calling a woman out.

    Generally I call women out if they are disrespectful or say stupid things. Yet a lot of advice on sosuave is “walk away, be cool, be confident, don’t let actions her affect you.” Fair enough. But if men don’t call women out, they are faced with 2 issues. 1. She will do it again 2. She...
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    Women do not commit to men. They commit to their goals.

    Alot of men are still living in the 1950s. They need to understand that women do not depend on men the way the used to. Back in the day it was this dependency on men that made women loyal and submissive. Now the law gives them education, freedom, and often more rights than men have. They...
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    If a man dominates, how can he not be emotional?

    Woman test men to be dominated and lose the game, but also want to destroy a man’s emotions so they can be in control. So if a woman is rude, or bossy, or doesn‘t give in, how would you react? If he calls on her crap and is dominate and strong, but she will keep arguing and make him lose his...
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    With women, think in terms of arousal. Not in terms of money or emotions.

    A woman’s sex with an alpha male is NOT based on emotional investment, material possessions, or any hoop jumping, it’s based on arousal. A woman’s sex with the beta male is NOT based on arousal, it’s based on emotional investment, material possessions, or hoop jumping. Now most women are not...
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    Women are not to be trusted, they are manipulators.

    Women cannot be trusted. Their actions and words are based on their goals at that time in their life. A man can only trust a woman to do what‘s in her best interest. Women have no morals. They do not care about “right“ or “wrong”. They only care getting their way. They will lie, cheat...
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    Women don’t care about men, they care about the man’s situation

    Women don’t care about men, they care about what you can do for them. Men on so suave are desperate to *connect* with women, to romance them, to love them, to care about them. This is what Disney movies are made of. Women are much more practical. If a woman finds out a man is attracted...
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    Why do men on sosuave want to get married?

    Back in the day, Kings had several mistresses and produced many children with different women. Men were secure ones and women were insecure. Now, because of Disney and the powers that be, it’s the men who are insecure and the women who are secure. It’s the men who want wives and families and...
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    Forget Disney. With women, always think in terms of “how can she help me?”

    Women are much more practical than men when it comes to romantic relationships, they look at it in terms of “how can he HELP me?” Men on the other hand have been brainwashed by Disney to reveal emotions, profess their love, sacrifice their finances and well being for the women. This is where...
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    Women want Power, not Love.

    Movies and tv have brainwashed men into thinking women want love. Yes women want love, but they don’t want to GIVE love, they want to receive it. Why? Because of the POWER it brings. A man in love is a man who will be obedient, commit, obey. This is intoxicating for a woman and gives her...
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    Betas in waiting

    Hi guys, I‘m posting this article for some thoughtful discussion. I think another poster said it best, girls are turning 18, 19, 20 everyday. I question how you guys put any sort of value over any girl over 25. Anyway, enjoy. https://therationalmale.com/2015/03/24/betas-in-waiting/