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    Female Scientists are Fuming

    LOL... NO ONE IS GOING NEAR MY SISTER!!!!! @^$%!~!@#&(!#$!
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    Female Scientists are Fuming

    He he he ... :) News Story
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    Disappointment and Frustration

    Over the past few years, I've been very "successful" with women from most men's perspectives. I don't even care to go into details. There's a very serious problem, however. Most of the women I date invariably "fall in love" with me over a short period of time. That might not seem like a bad...
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    Don't believe half of what u read on this site.

    Yes, they come from observational skills and a desire to improve oneself, which have been mentioned. ;) And those psychologists study for years and years to be able to treat people with mental illnesses and problems. You can learn to understand and deal with people simply by studying them...
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    Don't believe half of what u read on this site.

    :confused: I think you still have quite a bit to learn, friend. Everything you mentioned can be derived from those few qualities. You mentioned skills and knowledge. They can all be learned if you have the qualities I mentioned.
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    Don't believe half of what u read on this site.

    I do very well with women, and I haven't ever really followed any particular school of thought. That's a waste of time. The only things you will ever need to succeed with women and life in general are as follows: 1) Confidence 2) A Desire to Improve Oneself 3) A Sense of Humor 4)...
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    solo or afc??

    :p We split up a lot as well. Sometimes solo, sometimes in small wingmen groups. It's really flexible. Cell phones are a beautiful thing. If we can't reach you on the phone, and we can't find you, we assume you found somewhere else to "party." :)
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    Don't believe half of what u read on this site.

    Making a list is pointless. I think the point here is simply to be careful of who you take advice from.
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    Whats with all the text messaging?

    As a rule of thumb, the further you remove yourself from physical contact and the less frequent the contact is, the further you slip away from having a healthy, meaningful relationship. Spectrum: <Best, Hot> Physical Touch (Hug, Caress, Sex) Physical Presence (Face-to-Face Encounter)...
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    Dr. Phil's Test

    I always enjoy reading the interesting bits and pieces you bring here, RKTek. Thanks for sharing. I scored a solid 53. :D "Highly volatile" but "adventuresome." Pretty accurate. :)
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    Psycho *****es FUNNY

    Block the b*tch's number. If you need to call her, you can always reach her from a different number (just not your house! you definitely DO NOT want her to have that number).
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    Can I Turn Thinness to My Advantage?

    I'm with you, bro. I'm about 5'10'' or 5'11''. I usually weigh around 125 lbs. Recently, I've been hitting the weights at the gym, I've stopped my aerobic exercises (I used to run a few miles every few days, which makes you lose weight), I eat a lot more, and I drink whey protein supplement...
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    Shady or not? small question

    Shady. Either she didn't want to hear from you or she didn't want to hear from you when she was with whoever she was with.
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    Psycho *****es FUNNY

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... She knows she f*cked up. She will come crawling back.
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    Sexual Endurance Thread

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    I dont care

    Oh man, I'm just going to say that I'm with you, bro, and then I'm going to shut my mouth. I don't even want to get started, or this will be a page-long rant with field experience to prove it.
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    Do Looks Really Wear Off?

    If all they have is looks, you quickly get sick of them. Like eating too much dessert.
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    Art of darkness

    Good thread. Good insight.
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    About Field Reports !!!!!

    I think the mods here are against splitting up the boards. There have been countless suggestions, but nothing materializes. I'm sure they have their reasons. ;) Don't mean to burst your bubble, but I didn't want you to waste your time.
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    Sexual Experience

    LOL... There IS a margin of error in all statistics, especially surveys.... ;)