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  1. suave sauce

    Anybody in LA day game

    I am 19 years old. I am in LA roughly every week for auditions and gigs. Would love to connect and do some great day game. Email me at naturalbornyou@gmail.com
  2. suave sauce

    my log

    I decided that from now on im going to keep a log of how each week has been in terms of becoming a DJ. I discovered the sosuave site about a month ago and since it has had a pretty great impact. Before I had low self esteem and my confidence was shot. I just got out of a LTRS a few months ago...
  3. suave sauce

    ex problems

    My ex and I broke up a few months ago and the problem is I dont miss her as much as I am disgusted in the way she acts now. She was an amazing girl but now shes acting recklessly and sleeping with a bunch of guys. I can't seem to get past this even when I hear her name it turns my stomach into...