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  1. Fireballs

    Accused for taking phone to bathroom

    tldr- -dating 8 months -both at my kitchen table on our laptops doing some work -I need to take a dump and want to read up on some crypto news so I take my phone with me -I get back and she says "what are you hiding" -I hand my phone out and say here take a look for yourself -she's acting weird...
  2. Fireballs

    Out of the blue text

    Got LJBF'd 2 months ago by this girl that I only banged once .. This is what she sent 2 months ago - ''Hey Fireballs, thought I should let you know that as much as I've enjoyed getting to know you, some of the girls told me your ex is (name), who is someone I actually work with and I didn't...
  3. Fireballs

    Is soft nexting my only option here?

    Have been on 3 dates with this girl, escalated each time and banged her on the third date. She always initiates after each date so she makes things pretty easy. Day after we banged she reached out and I told her I was heading to the night markets at the beach this Thursday and if she would like...
  4. Fireballs

    Keeping interest between dates when away

    Had a good first date last night after recently becoming single after a 2 year LTR and have 2 other plates I'm spinning. Anyway, she sent me a text today saying she had fun etc.. I replied but I didn't mention a 2nd date because these days I work away for 2 weeks at a time so I won't be able to...
  5. Fireballs

    What are the chances?

    Decided to give tinder a go today for the first time, matched with a girl and sent her a message saying something along the lines of that she had good taste in men by matching with me (A bit cheesy I know..) About 5 minutes later I get a text from my fuk buddy: Her: ''So you think my housemate...
  6. Fireballs

    Got dumped

    This may get a bit long but I need to write it all out for me, and any input from you guys will be great too. I'm a bit numb at the moment and really angry at myself for not ending it first when I could see it was going to end soon. I guess you could say I fell into the oneitis trap and I was...
  7. Fireballs

    Exit plan from gf

    Basically I need 6 months to sort out a financial purchase we made (going to give her the half she paid so I can keep the item) so when I break it off I won't have to talk to her ever again. If we didn't make this purchase together I would have left by now but I don't want any loose ends. Thing...
  8. Fireballs

    Would you marry a girl for security?

    Lets just say the girl you're with earns big money (300k) doesn't rub it in your face, is a decent girl but due to a couple of yellow flags is not really marriage material. Would you marry her just so you never had to worry about money for the rest of your life?
  9. Fireballs

    Girlfriend turning out to be a feminist

    I'll try to keep this as short as possible. Have been together for almost 2 years and currently living together (which I regret doing now).. I should have seen the warning signs as she used to mention how her mums side of the family were full of ''strong women'' (mostly Doctors). She herself...
  10. Fireballs

    ''Why I put my wifes career first''

    My gf just sent me this article. She has been trying to put the idea in my head of me being the stay at home parent if we have kids. I've already told her no way..does she think sending me crap like this is going to make me change my mind? Not sure what to say to her...
  11. Fireballs

    GF off the pill

    She was prescribed it quite young as she has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and has now decided to get a Merina (contraception) put in so she can get off the pill and see how she goes. She is happy all the time and hardly in a bad mood but I'm expecting that to change? Has anyone had experience...
  12. Fireballs

    Thinking of dumping her

    Have been with gf for a year and we live together in her work supplied accomodation (cheap rent). She is low maintenance and treats me well but there's a few things bothering me. A couple of months into our relationship (I know it wasn't ideal this late) I brought up the subject of hanging 1 on...
  13. Fireballs

    Stay at home Dad

    My gf is a highly paid Doctor and asked me the other night if I would consider becoming a stay at home Dad. It caught me a bit off guard and I just said I would have to think about it/talk about it more. I earn good money too but obviously she earns more and she isn't the type to rub it in or...
  14. Fireballs


    Bit of a tricky one due to the circumstances that I have tried to figure out by myself but I'm stuck and need outside input. Have recently moved to a new town with gf of 1 year and have moved in together. I work away on a 2/1 roster which means I work away for 2 weeks out at sea then I'm home...
  15. Fireballs

    Learning other languages

    Do many people here speak fluently in other languages? I have decided I am going to learn another language and then travel around the country/s. Besides the fact that I will be raising my value, I have always wanted to be able to speak a different language and I'm at a point in my life where...
  16. Fireballs


    Disregard, I over-think things too much.
  17. Fireballs

    A sh!t test that 99% of women will give you

    I actually got this one not too long ago and I had been expecting it for a while. My girlfriend and I were in a nice hotel and were sitting on the bed, playfully talking before going out to dinner and I said something that was a bit @ssholish. She said: ''You're not getting any tonight.''...
  18. Fireballs

    Not sure how to take this text from gf?

    So as some of you may know already, I just spent a month in Europe with my gf of 8 months (she booked the holiday before we met) and she has a further 6 weeks of travel before she comes back. When I got back I moved to a new town for work and she is coming when she gets back. Now since I've...
  19. Fireballs

    Gf just sent me this

    Over a Facebook message and as we rarely communicate via Facebook, I'm guessing she found this article on there. Bit of background info, exclusive 8 months, she's 26 and we are currently apart as I have relocated for work and she is moving up in 6 weeks. ''Interesting article! I know I can...
  20. Fireballs

    Temporary Long Distance Relationship

    Long story short. I have been with my current girlfriend for 8 months and before we met she booked an overseas holiday. I have just spent a month of that holiday with her and returned home a week ago and I'm about to move to a new town for work. She has another 6 weeks of travel with a...