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  1. Blacksheep

    Anyone here shave their heads?

    I was thinking about that during this year... And Im thinking to change my hair style. It have some spiritual meaning for me too... As this year I've changed a lot of stuffs and made hard decisions... Maybe it can be a way to make symbolize that. Also, no more money spent cutting my hair.
  2. Blacksheep

    Experience with tadalafil 20mg

    I tried tadalafil 20mg as mentioned in my previous post, to help with my anxiety induced ED. I can say, I wish I would have used that before... I met a woman, she came to my town yesterday by bus only to meet me. She was damn hot and with a nice body. Took the tadalafil while I was waiting for...
  3. Blacksheep

    A secret website for married people to exchange sex...

    I was talking to a married friend of mine, he told me that there is a secret website in my town that they share their wifes with each other. But to get into that, you have to be invited to it. Damn man, its fkcing weird. It seems like a swing club. Anyone ever heard about that?
  4. Blacksheep

    The price of sex

    Well, this is not going to be one of the most motivational or positive posts. I'm actually very embarrassed and feeling terrible about the situation I'm going through. Perhaps it will serve as an apprenticeship if someone is making the same mistakes that I did. About 5 or 6 weeks ago I met a...
  5. Blacksheep

    How do you guys deal with beer desire?

    Im trying to quit alcohol, but when comes friday or someday I was really tired, I feel this desire grab a beer and drink playing some dota. But with that comes a guilt feeling, that I will get fat and this is not going to be good to health, etc... Would like to hear some ideas about.
  6. Blacksheep

    This is amazing... Master Shi Heng Yi – 5 hindrances to self-mastery

    This is a must see for self-mastery.
  7. Blacksheep

    Relapse with my feelings about my ex

    My uncle's wife talked with me last weekend that my ex (one I dated last year) went there to visit them, and she told that she had a dream with me and she worries about me... and asked my uncle's wife if I was ok. I confess that when she told me this, I started to remember several things and...
  8. Blacksheep

    I would like some help on making money

    As some guys know here I left my job in my family's company and left the house I lived (owned by my dad). I grew up in a abusive environment... And my dad mde sure to make everything to deplete me and made me feel miserable. But I had strenght this year to go out this sh1t and Im slowly...
  9. Blacksheep

    2 plates on a day and a weird situation.

    Yesterday I've had two dates... one during the day and one at night. The first one come to my place, we had protected sex and that was cool... left the condom papers spread in my room and also she left her bra in my bed. So, went to the second date... that woman I've met on instagram, seems to...
  10. Blacksheep

    This woman I've met... nonsense/red flag behavior

    So I met a woman from a city that is 1 hour from here. We talked, I went to this city, got a hotel... She met me there, we had sex after 5 min of talk... then go out to a restaurant and she slept there with me. Ok, very good until now. Then, I told her that she should come to my town next time...
  11. Blacksheep

    Being a Buddhist and Women seems to like it...

    I'm a Buddhist for a long time, always been interested in that... I just never imagined women would felt so interested in that. I put that on Tinder and even when I met a girl somewhere and talk about... its like they feel so interest about that. And when I start to talk about that and talk...
  12. Blacksheep

    They made me a offer again

    So, I time ago my parents offered to buy a place for me, and I refused it. This time they come to my uncle, saying they were really sad and asked my uncle to say to me that I should call my mom. I called her, talked a bit and she made the house offer again. I would like some help to analyze...
  13. Blacksheep

    The Ghost Game

    Dated a girl, on that date she got kind of telling that she wanted to see me again and bla bla bla.... I said ok, we could go out more times. So she started to ghost me after that... I sent a message a day after that and she was cold. Ok, ignored that. Today I said hi, she replied... asked her...
  14. Blacksheep

    People selling packs with thousands of resources for graphic designers in Brazil

    I was just looking for some graphich designers products on a brazilian market similar to ebay called "Mercado Livre" and found a lot of Designers packs with thousands os resources. And I know most of those contents they got somewhere else... some of them showed english photoshop templates...
  15. Blacksheep

    Is this a red flag? Woman that plays virtual life games...

    I've met a girl, she is kind interesting... She split the account when we went out and have her own house and job. But she likes to play a game similar to second life, called avakin. I know there is a ton of guys on those games looking for women and virtual relationships or even nudes or...
  16. Blacksheep

    My view of dating is kind of dying or changing

    I've been talking and dating some women lately, some hit on me and even showed a high-interest level... The more I become better physically and emotionally it gots easier. But I'm observing those dates, in general, it seems so dirty... Having sex is good for a moment pleasure, but I'm feeling...
  17. Blacksheep

    Weird night out... Met a angry cuckold

    Went out tonight with a friend, went to a bar to talk... Then, I saw two girls that looked at me. They were alone. Then, I guy selling sweets come to our table offering to buy from him. I told I would like to buy two and send to those two women. He delivered it. Then those women keep looking...
  18. Blacksheep

    I was reading a subreddit called blue pill...

    And they spend a lot of time calling red pill guys as psycho, narcissists and a lot of hatred names. Then they put some theories about red pill, saying that those are man who like to manipulate and dominate women. That have a inferiority complex and more on... It seems those people there got...
  19. Blacksheep

    For those who like Binaural and Isochronic waves

    I use it everyday, since it have presets for everything as creativity, productivity, focus, relaxation, etc... And the best it's a truly free tool. It doesn't make any magic or miracle but I also feel that helps when I need to concentrate, create some art or just meditate. Each frequency work...