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    That 420/ that puff puff and pass.. read this

    From a pot heads mouth, my take on weed: I started smoking when I was 11 years old. 25 now.. So, there. I''ll lay out the pros and cons, you decide if its worth it Pros: * get to know some interesting people * girls 18-30 are super open now to smoke & chill aka go somewhere and get blazzed and...
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    Since you can't quit OLD.....

    Here's an option for you "Hello Talk" . If you aren't familiar with it keep reading. You enter your native language, the language you want to learn and level you are at. It'll connect you with native speakers (I'm talking to some hotties from Brazil for instance) and you can audios, it'll...
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    Moving Forward Monday

    So we're alphas all the time, cold as ice, robots with no feelings that can applied game to any chick successfully right? Wrong. At the mature stages of game we know it's not possible, you will find from time to time one makes you go real stupid for her. One that hurts to leave ( oh yeah, you...
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    The game is to be sold, not told

    I'd like to hear your thoughts regarding this old saying. Should we just keep the knowledge to ourselves and not share it with those who honestly won't do nothing with it. I happened to advise a guy today, just to found out later on he's been taking advises from everybody but still not applying...
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    Sacrifice this... to get that

    So in a nutshell. Ever since Jan, before this whole Covid craziness broke through I deleted my Facebook account completely. Not temporarily, not suspended. The whole thing, BYE. So if you are thinking about it, here s something to think about before doing it: 1. If your game, depends solely on...
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    High HIGH Quality law firm teacher... (tips from vets only)

    Ok then, so I have responded to some treads in some raw and to the point way. Based on my knowledge and experience. Im looking the same from the vets over here. Shoot! Ok so here the facts, ill list them with 0 to none explanation: This woman is my law teacher (im close to graduate, around a...
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    King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.. what else?

    https://bradfordframke.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/king-warrior-magician-lover.pdf A book every man should read and pass on... Any other one (not so game oriented) we should know about?
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    Girls in you area... thoughts?

    So listen here. I live in a small country in Central America. Beautiful very beautiful girls and grown ass women everywhere, I mean everywhere think of it as a small Colombia (if you ve traveled you know where I live by now), BUT with the ****tiest attitude ever. I mean, they think they the...