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  1. taiyuu_otoko

    Rejection Theory

    Accepting rejects as part of the natural learning process is like any other practice. Stay open to the natural feedback loop (positive and negative) to keep improving. I think the idea of Learned Helplessness is not really task specific. It think it's more of a general feeling of being a...
  2. taiyuu_otoko

    Is She Reaching Out To Me Or Not?

  3. taiyuu_otoko

    Is She Reaching Out To Me Or Not?

    Sure they did.
  4. taiyuu_otoko

    article: Because of My Kids, My Life Has Been Over for Years

    There are tons of data indicating kids from single parent homes, in general, do much worse than two parents This case I can imagine the kids soaking this lady's operational strategies: Take the easiest route possible. Blame somebody else when it blows up. Use your subsequent crappy lifestyle...
  5. taiyuu_otoko

    More evidence of Chaos Theory

    You're already in it. The "crash" of the Roman Empire took a couple hundred years to grind to a halt. The final "event" will be the fiat debt default. When that happens, plenty of death comes next.
  6. taiyuu_otoko

    More evidence of Chaos Theory

    Plenty of cultures, within their mythology, have associated the feminine with chaos. They are always desired by plenty of men, and they have very little masculine style directional ambition, other than being the center of attention. You might even say they are wired from evolution to create...
  7. taiyuu_otoko

    The "Chafing Dish" flag...

    she's probably a dude trolling you
  8. taiyuu_otoko

    What do you reply if a woman is degrading your job?

    It was nice meeting you. Don't be a stranger.
  9. taiyuu_otoko

    Mission: Impossible - Sex At The Gym

    It's possible, but also kind of dangerous. It's something that would need working up. But if you make one wrong move, you may be labeled as a creep or ejected from the gym. Somebody might be watching you build up to it, she'll notice others have noticed, and she'll immediately flip, scream...
  10. taiyuu_otoko

    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    This requires the Amityville Horror response:
  11. taiyuu_otoko

    Where most men slip up

    This basic idea was why somebody, back in the day, came up with the anecdote of "beating a dead horse."
  12. taiyuu_otoko

    Which goverment agency would you love to work for?

    Alien interrogator. Area 51.
  13. taiyuu_otoko

    Truth Honor and Integrity

    I tend to agree, not just with the guys mentioned buy with most "red pill" types. Once you start getting significant views, attention, $$ etc., I think it's pretty much impossible to not have a shift in belief systems that will point you toward more $$ views, etc. And your point is correct. A...
  14. taiyuu_otoko

    What's your hit rate? What results should be ok?

    "Knowing" game is not nearly as beneficial as a sh*tton of social experience in your brain. Also, you're "hit rate" is not the best metric. Natural increases in social skills will increase the quality of ladies you get, and the time it takes to get them. Just find a natural balance and forget...
  15. taiyuu_otoko

    So does the voting process is work now?

    What if they both lose by a landslide and both concede?
  16. taiyuu_otoko

    So does the voting process is work now?

    Federally appointed officials Office title Officeholder name Date assumed office Party affiliation Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Gina Haspel May 21, 2018 Nonpartisan Administrator of the Small Business Administration Jovita Carranza January 8, 2020 Republican Party...
  17. taiyuu_otoko

    Research shows that relationships that start online are stronger and last longer than in person ones

    Two ideas: 1) people who create relationships online are self selecting for relationships than people who hook organically. This would mean the study indicates "people who are actively seeking a relationship and create one with another person who is actively seeking a relationship tend to...
  18. taiyuu_otoko

    The brutal truth for mature men

    Same as it ever was.
  19. taiyuu_otoko

    Social Media Censorship Insanity

    U.S. government is not retarded. They only seem retarded if you believe what they say is what they really mean. They crave power above all else. They are not interested in the least of keeping the small businesses afloat. They are interested in creating power and wealth by being captured by...
  20. taiyuu_otoko

    Social Media Censorship Insanity

    Companies that are publicly owned only means they are partially owned by shareholders. In this case, the only people capable of changing company policy are the shareholders and other owners, or private citizens, not government agents. Private means that are only owned by insiders.