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    Red Flags? What Red Flags?!

    Y’all spend way too much time mentally masturbating
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    A fight broke out in the gym, women got sexually aroused

    Don’t bother arguing with the guy.
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    A fight broke out in the gym, women got sexually aroused

    Of course it’s true. Anyone who Says otherwise is inexperienced with women. I do have questions about whether we should be using anecdotal evidence as empirical truth, but in this case it’s 100% fact.
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    How bad the situation in America is for single men and the obvious reason.

    I’m in the 30-35 age range too and I do not entertain women in that same age group. Simply undatable group of women.
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    How to proceed after this flake?

    Yea I don’t really consider this a flake. I probably woulda said “sounds fun, hit me up when you get back” and then wouldn’t text again. But what you said is fine too. I’m not gonna sit around for two weeks and play a game and hit her up. If I wanna hit her up in a few weeks then maybe I will...
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    How many matches do you think a normal guy gets on a dating app?

    I’ve got well over 300 matches on hinge in a year. And a lot of them were them liking me too. I attribute it solely to my profile. My pics are action pics of me all over the world. my comments on the profile are short and witty. Oh and I’ve got a dog that always helps.
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    How bad the situation in America is for single men and the obvious reason.

    Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you are a good man. Isn’t that what this site is for?
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    Tickling after sex

    You’re just being flirtatious. The way you describe it is a weird thing but there’s nothing wrong with having fun with a girl.
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    Here is how you get a long term relationship that is fulfilling and has minimal drama

    If I have a date set with a girl it’s 99% going to happen. I honestly do not remember the last time I was flaked on for a date where we both agreed beforehand. I always get the confirmation text/running late combo text also...every single time. It’s a playbook these girls are using, like...
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    Covid is really messing my game

    I live in a mid sized city on the east coast. I get time wasters too but just my personality is no nonsense. I don’t let them waste my time. I don’t want their nudes, I want them to come over. I do very little small talk and almost never call them prior to meeting. I invite them over and tell...
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    Covid is really messing my game

    Still meeting women online. Much better now since we can’t meet in public, they come over to my place to help me “walk my dog.” Sex is pretty much guaranteed
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    Covid is really messing my game

    Covid amplified my game. Bunch of horny chicks at home looking for love. Can’t be easier.
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    This is why OLD doesn't work (Q and A I had with female "match")

    Why read the post when your topics are all the same garbage? You’re in BG and Big Dave category of trolling now. Congrats.
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    Will swine flu keep you from going out tomorrow night?

    Amazing how your troll ass can turn anything into an online dating derailment for any thread, even one from 11 years ago!
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    Women treat men who look similar to them like chit.

    I am a 6’1 Irish dude that is pale as fvck (I truly to tan and spend lots of time outside) and I do REALLY well with ethnic girls. polarity is strong. Arguably the number one variable in game