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    Red Flags

    Some of the things you listed aren't even red flags. Two great parents? A great upbringing? That's actually the exception and not the rule. There's more dysfunctional families than functional ones. An overwhelming majority of people have issues of some kind, Male and female.
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    GF maybe walking soon

    Not to derail the thread but I dont think people have considered the full costs of lockdowns. And I do feel bad for your gf. She's not the only one. How does lock down impact people's mental health, elderly in nursing homes that cant receive visitors, those that are depressed, alcoholics...
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    I can't wait to have a proper sex life

    It sounds like a big part of your remedy will be abstaining from porn and masturbation, yeah?
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    Friend trying to set me up with another girl

    OP, this is a post similar to your last. Notice the pattern and break it. Be bolder and initiate direct contact with the chick. Ask her out and stop wondering what to do.
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    Back up?

    Those aren't friends then. One other thing to note. Often times, our friends are a mirror of ourselves. We usually spend time with those with similar values. If you're hanging around untrustworthy immoral people, there's almost definitely something wanting in your character as well.
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    My secretary, I made a move. Is this a rejection?

    Not to be a pessimist man..but that's a lot of time between now and next Wednesday for things to fall through with a 20 yo flighty chick. There's a track record of you being disappointed 100% of the time with this chick. Good luck man.
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    Female I met at work

    You did fine. Just caught her at an incredibly bad time.
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    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    There's more than two choices though Rick. How about a decent looking girl that takes care of herself and is also faithful? If you're taking care of yourself and have your life together, those girls become available to you.
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    Fiance is getting fat and ugly

    Yes this will never work. The kindest thing you can do for her is to leave her. She has no inclination to get in shape and it will only get worse. You'll resent her for being overweight. She'll resent you for not loving her as she is. Ask me how I know.
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    Girlfriend's Ex wants to take my GF and I out to dinner

    It would be foolish to go along with this. I would just tell her..that's really not how I want to spend my time. There is nothing good that can come of this.
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    Calling a woman out.

    Excellent post man
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    Did I freak my secretary out?

    Jesus man..exclusive? You are entering banned posters Big Dave and Big goals levels of hard headedness.
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    GF maybe walking soon

    Anyway hope things work out with the lady. Your concerns are legitimate. But I dont think she's out of line either..
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    GF maybe walking soon

    Our experiences have been different and same with our views. My divorce costs less than 1k through mediation, no attorneys involved even though we had a net worth of north of 1M
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    GF maybe walking soon

    Fair enough. If you are correct that prenups are ineffective, that would be a concern for me too. I have significant assets as well but think or did think a solid prenup would at least allow me to keep what assets I entered a marriage with. My suspicion is that a solid prenup by a...
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    GF maybe walking soon

    You have done it right. You made it known from day one that you did not want to marry. Obviously your choice. I will say that I've been married and divorced. And call me blue pilled or whatever, but I wouldn't let a great woman go bc of this. I d get a very good prenup. The most...
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    Two Words: Cannibis Stocks

    Under different names I suppose?
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    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    It's bad. Like nothing on top man. The doctor may even need to take some from my pubes to have enough donor hairs.
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    Just asked her out and she said "maybe in February, this semester is busy"

    I'm actually tied up in 2021. I meant February 2022.
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    Two Words: Cannibis Stocks

    Holy hell..spaz got banned?