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    Do certain types of women just fall for you hard? What types?

    After having slept with close to a 100 women, I feel like I have found a certain type of girl with a certain type of look that just falls for me when it comes to sex and one night stands. This is after years of night game, going out, dating apps, and meeting women loosely through social circle...
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    Just me or are tanned brunettes way more aggressive when gaming men?

    Over the years I have been with women of various backgrounds and races but I'd say the vast majority of women I have been with have been white. Now with whites, there is a variety, you get your pale blondes, redheads, and then your tanned brunettes found in Southern and Eastern Europe. While I...
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    Blonde vs redhead vs brunette/dark haired, possible for guys to do better with one than others?

    I attract a lot of brunettes and dark haired white girls even though we have variety in my area (blondes, some redheads, ethnic girls, etc.) but I match a lot with white women who have dark or brown hair and get a lot of IOIs, come ons and interests from them too. Any reason why?
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    The amount of slaying a well put together Asian or Indian guy can do is insane these days.

    It used to be unheard of like 5 years ago but something happened. I used to think maybe it was racial biases from women but the truth is most Asian and Indian men are pretty ugly. I am talking super skinny or super fat, not that well put together and don't really care for their looks. No doubt...
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    After running game for years, I wonder if "opposites attract" (looks/ethnicity) is a load of BS.

    I know that conventional wisdom says that "opposites attract" meaning that if you are a dark haired guy with tanned skin, you'll pull blondes like crazy while if you are a blond haired guy, you will get dark haired girls with tanned skin easily. All of this assuming you care about looks and want...
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    White guys, just me or are brunettes supposed to be a lot more forward and easier?

    Maybe you guys could key me in on some of this. Thought white guys might have an idea here. My area has a good mix of blondes (natural or not) and brunettes. I am about 6'2 and my ethnicity is Indian but I am probably better looking than like 98% of the guys of my race, more on the lighter...
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    Aggressive IOIs and confrontations from minority women for going after white girls.

    Ever since I have improved myself and upped my value, the results I get from dating apps and going out are insane. For reference, I am a 6'1 Indian guy but I look better than most guys of my race. I have had a really weird thing happen to me ever since. While white girls have become a lot...
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    I know its just a hair color but are brunettes naturally more aggressive when going for guys?

    So help a fellow minority out even though I understand it is just hair color we are talking about here. I have been going out a lot in recent weeks and just putting myself out there a lot in general. The area I am currently in is mostly white girls with sprinkles of Indian, Middle Eastern and...
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    Mediterranean and Jewish women are thirsty!

    Mainly Italian American and Jewish girls from what I am experiencing and I am not even a white guy. I am a 6'1 Indian guy and I'll say in terms of looks, top 10% of the guys for my race. Been going out with a couple friends a lot and notice that girls with one particular kind of look just dig...
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    Non-white women in general feeling entitled to me as an ethnic guy.

    I've had made a lot of strides in the game in the past four years and have come a long way. Lost a good bit of fat, look sharp, got a decent paying job with nice work life balance and have incorporated an overall great lifestyle into it all. As an Indian guy (born in America though), I almost...
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    Are brunettes naturally more aggressive when going after men?

    Speaking strictly about white women here but this can apply to some Middle Eastern women and mixed race women that look white too perhaps. I notice in all of my years of going out, running game and time with dating apps that I get way more come ons, aggressive flirting and escalation from...
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    Hi guys, what groups of women have you managed to land the highest quality from?

    Meaning for those of you who have smashed above average looking and hot girls, what groups (nationality, race, hair color, appearance, etc.) were they from and why do you think that is? For me 2017 was the year I got laid more than any other year of my life but even before that, I noticed that...
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    Speaking just looks here, why do we attract the kinds of women we attract?

    After being on dating apps and selectively swiping, cold approaching, night game and even social circle game I have an issue that kinda bugs me. Almost all of my smashes have been white women with dark or brunette hair. It doesn't even matter the clique, I even smashed a girl who recently...
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    Is it me or are brunettes just easy?

    I notice that when it comes to chasing white girls, I have such an easy time gaming higher quality when I am going for a brunette as opposed to a ginger or a blonde. Like for the effort I would have to put in to get a brunette that is an 8, I would get a blonde or ginger that is a 6. My city...
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    When you get good as an ethnic dude, ethnic chicks get THIRSTY and feel entitled to you!

    I've come a long way since I started in the game, finally looking good without a shirt on, and I have to say I've noticed something among brown, Asian and latina women ever since then. So I am Indian (born and raised in the US though) but I almost exclusively go for white girls since I am just...
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    A recent epiphany I've had about race, culture, and game.

    As an Indian guy born and raised in the US, I often found that I had no role models in the game to really look up to and it is the same now as well. Sure you see Indian guys and Asian guys playing up the "model minority" stereotype by getting nice paying jobs and all that but realistically...
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    How is it looking like for Indian guys these days?

    I have heard Aziz Ansari has addressed this sort of thing on his Masters of None show and Hasan Minhaj even talked about it in some radio interviews. It does seem like brown guys are getting somewhat of a voice in American media and we all know how women in general are suckers for media...
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    It feels like if you didn't do it right by college, you are playing catch up in a big way.

    With women, friends, and all of the social stuff. I have had the chance to interact with and meet various kinds of people around my age and it seems like the case with a lot of hot girls and guys that manage to get them, the common trend seems to be that they got it right either in high school...
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    Older guys, how has the making friends and having a social life thing worked out for you?

    I know we talk a lot about seduction and going after women but after a while, I've realized that I really just want a core group of friends. My college friends are all over the place and a few have gotten married. I still have a few friends I hang out with but I want to expand my social circle a...
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    As an Indian guy that does alright in the game, it feels lonely and strange.

    Lets get one thing out of the way before I start the thread, it is very rare to see Indian guys having success in the game, even Asian guys have it a lot better than we do. I've gone out a lot and it is rare that I see an Indian guy having any luck, going out with hot girls, making out with cute...