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    Might have hit rock bottom due to alcoholism, but don't get that click

    It won’t kill you to not drink. Read that again. Smoke weed man
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    Flaky chick reschedules.

    Agree. If she’s not reaching out and trying to setup a meet, I’m already out.
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    Been Six Months Since The Last Lay

    It was March. I was scheduled for a high risk emergency surgery and I called an ex that is so fun in bed, while dating just one other at the time. I ghosted the latter and have tried to score again with the former but just missed each other when the moment could have happened. Priorities Have...
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    Divorce, 50/50?

    My state also has cohabitation laws. Can’t live with a woman ever and if she changes her address to yours, you have to immediately file a trespass claim and put her stuff out front.
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    Divorce, 50/50?

    In Murcia, premarital assets must be proven by the purporter
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    Guys who get jealous and such lol.

    Well I’m a dad, and if I seen an older guy look at my daughter...I’ll kick your azz right now. You’ll pee
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    Going on a cruise with my ex

    OP - how often in life are you going to run into a scenario like this? Never, again. Like you said. You gotta go. Stuff gets weird then just leave, plenty to do. Get on that boat. If you bang, that’s a bonus to the bonus of the cruise...in your weird scenario...that is going to be awesome...
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    Going on a cruise with my ex

    Depending on the correspondence, he can still control frame here. Maybe not easy, but doable. Just like the single mom in this story..
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    Going on a cruise with my ex

    Kid is going to wonder how many dads does mom need to bring back to her room? Lol!!
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    Going on a cruise with my ex

    “Man Overboard” comes to mind...j/s As in the dude she brings back better be wearing a life jacket...all I’m sayin
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    everyone, if you had one peice of advice to pass on to someone about women...

    Never solve her problems. Say “sounds like (reiterate what she just said)”. Always be a mystery. “What have you been up to?”. Answer “Wouldn’t you like to know?”. In short, don’t answer any questions, ever. Get a vasectomy ASAP. Health insurance gladly covers it. Never live with or marry...
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    Gf says I can’t travel for business because she doesn’t trust me

    “Oh, we are done. Perfect. See ya” Don’t ever tell her about your partner’s cheating. Never ever.
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    She broke up with me over text need help.

    If it were me on the day I received the text: “I was thinking the same thing.” Now? Nodda. She will return. And then, crickets.
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    I want to be a father one day...

    https://www.revisor.mn.gov/statutes/cite/518.17 Good luck. There’s 12 best interests factors. Was I questioned in even 1 of these during my 8 month proceedings? Nope. Not once. By the way, these factors are not what you intend to do going forward. They are what have you been doing as a...
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    I want to be a father one day...

    Best interests of the children is a farce. Take it from a divorced law student who has won custody. There’s case law that proves this. I cannot cite it off the top of my head and it’s not my area of interest due to enmeshment. In Minnesota, if you’re not married, children automatically go to...
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    Girl initiating texting but not meeting up?

    If yer not fvcking her, then you are her girlfriend
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    I want to be a father one day...

    By the way... 21 fathers per week... ...kill themselves... because they are fighting to see their kids... and losing. Boil your noodles in that broth for a moment and then come tell me again how you want to be a father. FOH
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    I want to be a father one day...

    I honestly don’t know and don’t care. I was always the type that if someone didn’t want to be with me, I held the door open for them to leave. We were married 11 years, together 17, 3 kids. I know her mom was behind it and she lawyered up before she said she wanted a divorce. I recorded...
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    Do you think it's okay to ask women if they're talking to other guys after she agrees to go out and before getting number(casually/not needy)

    Let her tell you. Then offer to drive her over to them. Encourage her to continue to talking to whomever she mentions to you about it. Tell her “You never know, he could be the one” If she barks back and misbehaves, tell her “You’re not getting any younger”
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    How does one trust again?

    Trust in God. that’s it