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    Why "Be yourself" is the best advice in the world...and why no one gets it.

    I can't believe there are so few replies... This post is just great, standing out of all the nonsense that is being posted recently. I've chatted with you with the DJ Messenger, if I remember correctly, squirrels, and I really like the way you think! Keep us updated on your new status and on...
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    David D is anti smile?

    Guys, shut up! You are so confused right now. Read MindOverMatter's reply. I remember what my brother told me a year ago: "Don't get too deep into these self-help bullsh1t, because although they might be helpful, if you misuse them, they can backfire and ruin your mind." Not his exact...
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    Just Enjoy yourself

    Good post. The only thing stopping us from having fun are our thoughts. Whenever our minds begin to wonder, we lose focus, and start pondering over insignificant things, like what to say next, what to do, what not to do, etc. So we try to focus on the ladies, but this, too, isn't good...
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    How do i get my hair like this?

    The immaturity of this board never ceases to amaze me! Legend, he will do whatever he wants, all right? And he never said that he is getting that hairstyle because of chicks. Maybe it will look good on him. Maybe he wants to experiment, unlike some of you that I highly doubt to have changed...
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    Need some help on two things...

    Thanks for the replies! But I missed to tell you something. I'm not looking for a one night stand or a f-buddy, I actually want a longer relationship, so I'm trying to be more patient and connect with the girl. Of course, there is attraction between us, I can easily see it through her body...
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    Need some help on two things...

    Hey guys! How are you? I have two problems I though I should ask help about: 1. After I go in for a kiss and she backs up or says something like "no" or "no, no, not yet", how should I act? I kinda get confused and lose my confidence, but I still feel that I can get a kiss maybe after some...
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    OMG! Guess what i saw today!!

    Actually this thread shows how mature some of the posters are.
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    Fitch's Inner Revolution.

    Bravo, bravo!
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    Towards Manhood!

    Oh yeah? Then go read someone that makes it sound hard, and tell me then how far from manhood you really fell you are. And unless you are living in a shell, you must have seen a lot of powerful and popular people, that really have quite a lot of the traits that pook or everyone else here...
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    Ooh La La!

    Thinking about it, a real DJ would never diss anyone for worshiping a certain God, a celebrity, Pook, Fingers, etc. But oh well, I may as well be wrong... :rolleyes:
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    No, no, STOP!

    Are you still going to whine and torment yourselves, because you are shy, or because you are ugly? Yes, you are shy! Yes, you are ugly! But that doesn't mean game over. It's just life pasing, life happening, life being born. You have to live being unattractive, others have to live without...
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    You guys don't get the main idea. In order to become good at something you should commit yourself to it. Let's not delude ourselves by trying to detach ourselves from girls and act disinterested. This is self-destructive, although it's proclaimed all over the DJ Bible. It is, of course, far...
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    Nice Guys Shouldn't Change Their Ways (Just Read)

    You guys (and now gals) are pissing me off! Stop with the extremes already! "You must change by all means!" "You must not change at all!" Fck that! See what works for you and always find yourself doing something, rather than procrastinating, and you are on! That's it! Why lose...
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    Ooh La La!

    I find this post to be great! :) I have similar thoughts lately, that TOO MANY things go through a man's mind when he sees a chick.
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    Where is the love?!?!

    Is he high?!? Why does everytime when someone is different he is high or retarded? Aren't we the ones striving for uniqueness, to be different than the others, to be better? Then why we keep on returning back to stereotypical thinking, to hating when someone has a different outlook on...
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    Do Something, Anything

    Right on!
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    First school day techniques?

    Za kakvo ti sa? :) LOL, you must be joking about your *cough*location*cough*... :)
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    So you wanna go from AFC to DJ. Just do it.

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    Excuses, excuses, excuses!

    I'm glad I helped you! :) Hey, Proky! Well, I though nobody was reading it, and no one was posting advice or anything, so I though I was wasting my time writing sh1t everyday, and so my improvement stumbled a little, but maybe it was for the better. :)
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    The Conversational Art of Conversation.

    Good post!