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    Been Six Months Since The Last Lay

    It was March. I was scheduled for a high risk emergency surgery and I called an ex that is so fun in bed, while dating just one other at the time. I ghosted the latter and have tried to score again with the former but just missed each other when the moment could have happened. Priorities Have...
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    Child Support Equal Custody When Married

    Just a little heads up for those banging without protection, or thinking they should get married to gain “rights” to their offspring. Well, I have equal custody after divorce with equal parenting time, physical and legal custody, we make the same. I pay $5,000 per year. That’s after tax...
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    Relationship Impossibility

    Haven’t heard from her since Saturday, to which I did not respond to this single mother, 3 kids, 2 baby daddy, $15/hr 39 year old and a mountain of debt but I’ve known her since we were kids. Anyway, I’m honest and upfront that I have kids of my own to raise and am not willing to: - Cohabitate...
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    Am I Getting Old?

    I’m 38, 3 kids half the time, 4 years divorced next month actually and been with 15-18 women since. Also spent stints of time alone, 3-5 months. I have a large home shop with a lift and tools, heat and air, TVs and beer, though I don’t drink hardly ever. I have friends and things to do and want...
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    Friend Zone HER!! and Mystery Timeline

    I’ve learned a lot on this forum and the books recommended here and I’m no expert by any means but have slept with a fair share of women in the last 3 years and thought I would give a little back for the guys that get ghosted and what not. I learned from Mystery Method something that has held...
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    Does the Job I Have MATTER?

    I do well for myself. I make six figures and that allows me to live comfortably in 3,000 sq ft home I had built a year ago. I’ve scored some hotties but they always seem to be single moms. In fact, I don’t recall sleeping with a non-mom off the top of my head. I’m also a dad, 50/50, 3 kids, but...
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    She Doesn’t ORGASM During Sex?

    First encounter with this. She says eating her out and toys get her there which is fine by me but she can’t orgasm during sex. I’m used to 2-3 and have had them orgasm up to 5 times but no matter what, at least once. I’ve seen her a few times a week for the last month. She is a lot of fun and...
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    Sex Drive is LOW and CRAMPING LEGS

    So here I am, spring time again. Snow has melted and the chickies are coming out to play. I met a good one this time and I've known her since middle school so I really want to rock her. Last weekend we banged until the sun came up. It's been a while since I've done that. She is attractive and...
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    Discovered Idea That is Needed

    In the industry I’ve worked in now for 20 years, I’ve been told I have a certain talent. I don’t want to give out too much info about my idea. This talent that I have is the single most valueable component to the business. Thing is, there is absolutely no training on how to do what I’m talented...
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    Beware of the BETA

    I figured this was worth mentioning. I had a guy in another forum post about how he had a friend that could never get laid so this guy (poster) would seal the deal after his friend was rejected. He asked if this was okay since his friend had a shot but didn’t get the girl. I replied that it’s...
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    “There’s a Reason His Wife LEFT Him”

    I had a female co-worker say this to another co-worker and I heard about it today. I gotta say, it knocked me off kilter. I’ve worked with her for about 3 years now and we’ve always got along well. I don’t know how the conversation was brought up. Truth is, I don’t really know why my wife...
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    Is This GAME Even WORTH IT?

    I got kids half the time, friends, sports, school (online mostly), house, career.. I haven’t connected with a woman emotionally since taking the Red Pill via Rollo almost 2 years ago now. On the flip side, my kids, friends and family never hear or see me drained from the dating side of life...
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    MY OWN F*CKING FAMILY! - Need a little help...

    Big debate going on on FB between my family and myself. Their issue - marriage is declining - and the article says "because women won't date down" and the OP is calling the article out as BS, as well as Hypergamey, calling me an incel and a cuck (very common and my skin is thick so no big deal)...
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    Sexual Market Value - Decreases Substantially DUE TO KIDS

    Now as a guy I get it. And I guess I should get it from a female's view as well. This has come up more and more often - "I would have never dated you if I knew you had kids" "If I knew you were divorced with kids, I would have never considered you". - All the while, she has kids and half the...
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    Take Me To School on “YesBackPage”

    I’ve never been one to pay for sex. However, like some, I get attached to the hottie I want to bang the most in my roster (which is empty atm). I had a friend mention that he dodges all the game and going out by hiring off of back page dot com. Well, that site got shut down but now there’s a...
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    Red Pill and Single DAD

    Any of you mature men have 50/50 of one or more children? I have 3 young ones 50/50 going on 4 years after divorce now... Are you spinning plates in your off parenting time? Do you repel marriage? I overtly do.. Do you ever casually blend, assuming you date single moms..? And do you even...
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    How do you handle FLAKES

    Not sure how to handle the flakes of the dating world. Example, last night I had no kids, girl calls, says she wants to come over, has a few things to do, texts me a couple nudes and then ends the night with a text saying “goodnight babe. Sweet dreams. Hope you’re not mad at me.” My response...
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    What will marriage give a man that he doesn’t already have?

    Asking for my future adult boys that I raise truly 50/50. I need to be able to tell them someday
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    Adding to my last post of her updating her profile... I told her that “it sorta changes things...” and sent her a screen shot of her updated pics in a text. She responded many times and I remained quiet but responded once after her, what I call “false male validation” (I want you blah blah)...
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    She Updated Her Dating Profile

    I’ve seen this a few times. Date a girl, sleep with her, she comes over, texts, calls all the time. Things seem to be going good, having fun, and then a little intuition sets in, a few weeks or a month later, and you wonder if this girl is still online dating so you check and I’ll be got dammed...