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    Things go well then break up

    How many of you guys have been in a good relationship (not necessarily a "relationship" in the sense that you're boy-girlfriend, but just even an exclusive dating situation) and then suddenly the gal doesn't want to do it anymore? I've found that this happens from seeing each other too much...
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    Sex but no LTR

    Long time since I've been on this board, doing a lot of field stuff. Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that as far as I go, I can get a girl in bed, but apparently I have trouble getting into any LTR with them. I think my biggest problem has been that when a girl asks me the whole "where do...
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    Phone calls

    Ok, it's the dreaded phone call game. I started talking to this girl, met her for coffee, and had a nice time talking with her. Very tame "date", but I treated it as more like just meeting her without the "date" vibe. Anyways, I was supposed to do stuff with her this past weekend, but she...
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    Rebound time

    So I went out with this girl the other night, she was pretty darn hot, first date since I ended my last relationship. Just went for coffee then went to her place and checked it out. Anyways, she just got out of a serious relationship like 3 months ago. Same with me. Do you guys feel that if I...
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    What I suck at

    Ok guys, here's the deal. I've discovered what this site has made me. I've become this ultra-defensive guy who lets everything bounce off him. I'm ultra-indifferent, and it seems to be the basis of my downfall. There's only so far you can go before the girl stops being interested. It's also such...
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    Can't get in a relationship

    I know most of you will probably be looking at this and rolling your eyes, but perhaps there will be some of you who can relate. Basically, the problem is this. I feel like I can get into a lot of short-term, flingy relationships with women, many times more physical than anything, but I just...
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    Cool girl "friend"

    Ok, this seems to go against all of the anti-girl "friend" supporters on this board, but here's what happened to me today. I met a girl today who has a boyfriend, but is absolutely gorgeous. She's got an unbelievable personality to boot, and basically in general is a very pleasant person to...
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    Is jealousy a basis for attraction?

    This girl that I was just with and sort of broke up with got me thinking about the whole attraction thing. She was into me at the start, things were pretty hot and heavy quick, and it sort of just died down when things sort of got more normal between us. Anyways, what happened, and what some...
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    Time spent with girl you're dating

    For those of you in more exclusive relationships (not BF/GF, but just steady dating), how often do you see the girl you're dating? The girl I'm seeing now I see almost every day (I know, that seems bad) but she's a co-worker (again, I know most of you say it's bad, but she's temporary, so she...
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    Interesting situation with girl

    Ok, there's a girl I've been seeing for a few weeks or so now, although it seems like more since we've been seeing each other almost everyday. Anyways, we've done everything but actual sex, which she apparently isn't too into because she doesn't get off by it. The oral thing is ok as is the...
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    What do you guys think of this?

    How do you guys feel about a girl who has been involved with a married man? She cut it off and it's been bothering her since, but she has likely learned her lesson. Despite this, do you feel that this is a reflection of her character or more so the character of the cheating spouse? She didn't...
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    All girls have to do is choose

    Basically, my point of view is that all girls have to do is choose, especially if they're hot. The problem is that girls are indecisive. This is what creates the difficulty with hot women. I guess the bottom line is to just go for the average ones who aren't getting so much attention, you'll...
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    Some serious test

    Wow, I just went through a crazy experience. Either this was a major test, or the girl has a crazy life. The latter is probably not too far from the realm of possibilities, but here's what happened. Basically, I called this girl yesterday, asked her to do something today, and she...
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    Cat and mouse

    I'm sure that many of you have probably experienced the phone tag game with a girl. Here's what's happening now. I was supposed to go out with this girl last week, but I was out of town for the week. I tried to contact her, left her a lot of messages, but she didn't respond. Got a text...
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    Road trip

    Hey guys, I set up a trip with a girl, it will be a 2 hour drive, and a friend of mine is coming along. It's all part of a plan I had, which the girl totally was up for. Anyways, question is, do any of you have any interesting things you can do in the car during the trip just so that...
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    Interesting situation

    Ok, so this girl that I went out with a few weeks ago seemed to be sort of into me, but we had sort of a weird telephone conversation a while back, and I decided not to call her again for a while. The IL seemed to be pretty low, but at the same time, I wasn't particularly interested in this girl...
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    Insecure women

    You would think that insecure women would be more prone to be receptive to AFC men, but it doesn't seem to work that way. Has anyone ever experienced otherwise? To me, an insecure girl who is actually HOT is not really as insecure as she might say she is, whereas if it is a fat, ugly...
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    "I'll call you"

    How many of you guys have gotten this from a girl? Have you usually waited for her to call you, or have you just gone ahead and just called her whenever you want? I'm not saying you'll be sitting around the phone waiting for her to call, but at the same time, I hate when she says that because it...
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    Break down walls with LJBF?

    Hey guys, I've just dated a girl who I treated like a friend more than a possible love interest. I'm not sure if she treated our first meeting together as a date, but I expected to do something fun with her, but she changed the plans and we ended up just going for dinner. I didn't want to take...
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    Revisiting the friends zone

    Ok, so I just had a thought today on the friends zone, which may or may not have been obvious before to some of you. Basically, until you've heard the words "let's just be friends" from her mouth, you can assume that there is always a possibility she may be interested in you. This is...