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    Met a girl at work at a mutual course 8 months back, started texting and texted a lot, but it never went further. One day I had a bit too much too drink and acted annoying while texting (nothing which would be considered #metoo material, just wanting her attention a lot at that time due to some...
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    Admitting you've been acting like a fool

    Not gonna go into details, but last sunday I acted kinda ridiculous against a girl via text (not sexual or anything like that, but bombarding her with texts mainly). That day something bad happened in my family and I kinda lost it emotionally. I told her that already and she said she understood...
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    How to get that feeling when you had a few drinks even when you're sober?

    I'm quite sure that the most succesfull people on this earth have this confidence that I get when I had a few drinks. For example, I don't care what I say or do when I had a few. Don't get me wrong, I'm still responsible and respect others and have decent conversations. But I just say what I...
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    Fake bootycall?

    Known a girl for a while, but never interested in her and recently tried to use her for a test. One night three weeks back we were texting and I decided to go very sexual. She played a long very well, even though she has a boyfriend. After that I stopped texting her for two weeks, until this...
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    Do girls want fun all the time?

    Can you have normal conversations as well with them, or do you need to be always on point and try to make it fun? Sometimes I have days where I’m not feeling it and I just have a normal conversation, but they still reply and keep it going. But I always feel like I could have done much better...
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    How to get out of her frame

    Have been texting a girl at work for a while now (didn't push because we work together). But since last week we suddenly had more sexual oriented conversations. Last friday we were texting and was a bit drunk, asked her if she was attracted to me (she said yes), bit later said I wanted to fvck...
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    Corona makes me realize a lot of men are really pvssies

    I'm one of them though as I'm still too scared to simply show my intent with girls, it's getting better though. But the reason I think this is because most people are so scared now. Men who I thought had their stuff together, have been freaking out and saying stuff like "this is never gonna...
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    Do you apologize for a potential bad joke?

    Been texting this girl, but we speak different languages so we communicate in English. Yesterday I made a 'joke' about a picture she texted me of her pet, but when I re-read it, it could be interpreted in a very digusting way. Reason I ask is because she didn't even respond on that, normally...
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    Girls being extra talkative/laughing to get attention from a guy

    Can girls be more talkative and laughing with others just to get attention from another guy or be noticed by him, who is around but not in the conversation?
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    How to be fun to be around

    We all have those people who are always fun to be around with. But last night when out with friends I realized I'm just a normal conversationalist, I ask questions, listen, say something to myself and sometimes I get one of those short half-fake laughs. Since it's been a very long time since...
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    Deleted messages and phone call on whatsapp

    Last night was texting a girl every two hours or so. Saw her last text at like 1 am but was already half a sleep so I slept further. Knew she was out with friends. I turn off my wifi at night. Got up at 7am and saw she texted me ‘sorry wrong use of my phone’ and asked me about my night. I...
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    Serious problem (external events effect me too much)

    Last week I realized something. My mood depends a lot on external events around me. The best way to explain is: when I see a guy talking to a girl I'm only even partially interested in, I feel down. When that same girl talks to me I feel great, when that girl doesn't talk to that guy, I feel...
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    When everything falls apart

    Went to the doctor today due to some red spots on my skin that won't go away. Long story short, it might turn out to be skin cancer. I've read so many stuff about becoming a Don Juan, that practically everywhere they said that to be able to make that click in your mind, you need to loose...
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    Too needy, too jealous, fear of rejection

    Every single time there's this girl I'm really interested in, I tend to start out ok. But after a few days I see her saying something to someone else, see her texting to someone and all these thoughts of "yeah ok it's over, she's not interested in me but someone else" come into my head. Thoughts...
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    What do you do when you have a bad day?

    I've been a quiet and reserved guy all my life until couple of months back. Don't think I'm an introvert as I do love company around me. Last months I've been putting myself out there, just talking to everyone, saying what comes up in my mind, asking them about something they said before. It...
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    Should you trust your gut feeling?

    Long story short, couple of weeks back felt quite confident and just randomly texted a girl at work and it worked as in we were more talkative as before and she initiated conversations and texts as well. But the last weeks all confidence is gone again due to certain personal issues, sending a...
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    Am I just looking for signs that aren't there?

    New girl for over a month at work who will only be there for a couple of months. At the parking we always take the same spot, one day her spot was taken I think, so she decided to park exactly at the spot next to me, even though I wasn't there yet. Might be coincidence, but she knows where I...
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    Going from bad to worse.

    Try to keep a long story short. Been on a dry spell for over 4 years, mainly because of very low self-esteem, not being social enough, being a p*ssy, being very needy and reliant on others showing interest or saying good stuff about me. I'm a quiet guy, probably because of the above reasons. I...
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    Girl always tries to couple me to someone else

    There's this girl at work, well girl, she's 5 years older but fine as hell and has a husband with two kids. Just wondering about the following, so not looking for the "don't **** where you eat" or "you don't mess with someone elses girl" as I'm not planning on that. Just looking for advice as...
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    Opportunity at work

    I currently have a great job with a great pay, but there’s an opportunity which would make me gain about 6k extra per year after tax (and probably more due to reasons explained below). This opportunity involves a training of about a year, but then I would work in a place where the current...