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    Dating without a car.

    I have the same problem only I'm lazy and don't have my licence yet. I turned 18 today, and I should have it in six months or so but I've found it seriously damages your game not having a car. It makes dating that much harder. I too would like some suggestions for this predicament.
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    Yes that **** is gold. Good to see another guy who likes giving more pleasure than receiving :D . There's nothing like getting your girl off
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    Kissing/Makeout Tips

    Yes I too am a neck licker, nothing like it. Trust me on this one guys, this is how I kiss... go in nice and slow and just "meet" lips and give soft kisses a couple of times, then you should naturally open your mouth up (and so should she), remember to always be gentle and SLOW when you're...
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    Titty fat

    It's spot REDUCTION that isn't possible. ;) You simply have to lower your overall body-fat percentage. Sounds simple in theory but it ain't trust me. Search for DIESEL'S cutting guide for a good way to get ripped (and lose the b itch-tits :D ).
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    How often should I run?

    If you want to lose a lot of body fat (ie you aren't already ripped/cut) then you should try and run every day but make sure you're eating properly and eating enough and that you're getting a good deal of protein every day. You will get faster results this way. If you just want to stay in...
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    DJ in need of some rare advice...

    Yeah okay, sorry bout being a snob I just didn't want any "just kino her and make eye contact" responses :) . Thanks for the input Helter, I think that is very sound advice, only problem is I'm young and impatient :mad: . But seriously though, I think that is what I'll do, make her miss me...
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    DJ in need of some rare advice...

    Sup guys, I rarely start a thread on this board, I think this is like my second one, but I'm in a bit of a situation that needs some input from other DJ's (ie. go away if you're inexperienced). Okay, here's the $hit. Basically there's this awesome chick I really dig and although I don't have...
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    is she more then a friend?

    I wouldn't wait til she's drunk to let her know what the go is because she'll lose respect for you. But don't just go for a kiss out of the blue and hope for f uck that she kisses you back, you'll probably just surprise her (in a bad way) and be left in a gloriously awkward situation. Just...
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    im too big, shes too small, what to do?

    May I ask how old the girl in question is? *Usually* this is only a problem with the younger ones. I'm guessing you've already tried lube and all that good stuff and that it just isn't working. There are alternatives to sex but I reckon these are only satisfying if you actually feel...
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    2 Weeks to lose your belly... possible?

    Good advice. This DIESEL fella knows what he's on about :D . You will lose fat but you're also going to be soft and floppy.
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    What to do on a first date.....!!!!

    Yeah I agree with drixsa, those sex talks are always fun but I always feel like the girl is, I don't know, getting in touch with her masculine side so to speak :D Your girl sounds like a bit of a nymph man :) . Just try and establish a 'sexy' vibe and you'll be set from there. I love it...
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    hey, anybody ever try this?

    Nice. I think thats all that I can say. Nice. :D Yes it is indeed rare to find one with brains but they're lots more fun :)
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    Throwing a party

    yeah all good advice but the people I'm inviting are all really good friends, most of whom I've known for years and I don't think I need to worry about anything being stolen. It's strictly invite only. I was after some advice on just how to generally make a party killer... i know good stereo...
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    Throwing a party

    Sup dudes, I was just after a little advice for you see I am having a bit of a shindig next week and was wonderin if anybody had some good advice for throwing a party. Now I can only invite like 20/25 ppl because I live in a unit. I know it sucks but I'm a uni student so yeah. I've had my...
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    Am I reading "her interest" level right?

    She is obviously at least somewhat interested or she wouldn't have struck up the conversations. Girls don't start conversations because they're being "polite". Start laying the kino on her when you talk to her. I'd say start making moves "casually" outside because if you go knocking on her...
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    oh CRAAAPPP!!!

    Dear lord man, I think your friend needs to be put down. That has to be the sh*ttiest poem I have ever read. Not to mention the fact that it is completely and utterly AFC. Maybe there's no turning him?...
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    I'm facing a challenge...she's in for a suprise.

    respect man, you played her like a regular casanova!!! You sound like a cool dude, which seems to be lacking in a lot of teh posters on this board sadly :( . Nice work stud!!!:D.
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    guys hitting on your girl at a club

    yeah that $hit really annoys me. I know it shouldn't but it does. THe girl I'm with atm is probably a 9 and she always gets these tossers who think they're the $hit mackin on her wherever she goes. I try and stay out of it but I usually give them looks so they know I'm not cool with it. If...