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    FR: PPRF and SS666 Grab a Beer

    Met up with Pairplus on Friday evening at a local bar in northern Virginia. Just chatted a bunch...no sarging. It's good to see that forum members are actually down to earth people. Went from beer to beer, to shots, to bombs, back to beers, then some whiskey. It's pretty crazy we both made...
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    SoSuave's Sh!tty Workout Log

    So man, I've really been lacking in my workouts the past year due to a stressful new work environment and plenty of other time consuming endeavors...but much like bradd80 it's time that I too begin to restructure my day to find time to a.) Intensely workout and b.) eat a more suitable diet...
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    Why You're Failing with Women

    This is a list of exactly what the title says. I think we can all admit to making some of these mistakes either currently or in the past. Add your own input as you see fit. 1.) You’re chasing the wrong women. In my mind, this is the #1 seed of why you’re failing with women. Meeting women...