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    Experiences with Hair Transplants?

    Hey brothers, Another thread mentioned this somewhat in passing (thanks to the brother that passed this information along), but I wanted to get more information. What's been your experience with hair transplants? First hand experience would obviously be preferable, but a close buddy's...
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    Accountability. Lost 6 pack. Time to get it back.

    More of a public declaration than anything. I'm 37. Disciplined myself with clean eating and intense consistent work outs. Earned the six pack, which has been pretty elusive as I've gotten a little older. No excuses, just that its more challenging now. I've been getting laid like crazy...
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    Spinning Plates has been a life changer for me

    So finally started to get emotionally grounded after a divorce about a year and a half ago. Made some serious gains in my business and fitness. Improved a couple parts of my personality- a big one being that I cut coffee big time, which is making me naturally calm and mostly emotionally...
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    Last night: trouble getting erection: where do I get from here with plate?

    Hey brothers, Embarrassing, distressing issue from last night. 1. Started taking very small dosage of Zoloft (treats premature ejaculation) ~April 2nd as I think I was cumming faster than I wanted. 2. Had sex with this one plate on 4/11. Started going a little soft midway through. ****! 3...
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    Messed up early with this chick, salvageable or move on?

    Hey brothers, Feel free to blast me for poor attitude/behavior, but give me some advice going forward. Cliff notes: 1. I met a 32 year old girl on match. I am 37. 2. She just (3 months ago) got out of a 10 year relationship with a guy that cheated. 3. I could have been more assertive on...
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    My hangups and sticking points

    Hey brothers, Just turned 37 and starting to go on a lot of dates lately. Wanted to lay out some of my sticking points to maybe make myself more aware of them and try to eradicate them as quickly as possible. I welcome any advice. 1. I tend to be way too much of a nice guy with women...
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    Is the approach different with women on the rebound?

    Hey brothers, Went out with a girl yesterday, age 31. I'm 37. She just got out of a 10 year relationship with her ex boyfriend after he cheated on her. It ended around Christmas, three months ago. She's just beginning to date again. Amateur question, but is the approach different with a...
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    Ashamed to say, still stuck on ex wife

    I hate to admit it, but I am not over my ex wife. She called an end to the marriage two years ago (realize that's a long time to still be bothered by it) I've dated, banged other girls, but still think often about her. What bothers me the most is the thought of her with other guys. I know...
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    How did you get an ex wife to sleep with you?

    I've hit a bit of a vengeful, angry streak. I shouldn't be proud of it, but I am using the hate to motivate (cheesy line, but applies well here). Note, this is not done in any effort to get the ex back. She is long gone. But, there is a petty side of me I suppose, that thinks that if you...
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    Game Plan Going Forward

    Game plan going forward following divorce, which is to be finalized next week. Truthfully, I have this drive to get revenge on the ex wife. The thought of some other guy banging her infuriates me. Obviously, I take it personally that she left. 90 days from now I'd like to really upgrade as a...
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    Purchasing high status car to help attract women?

    Its well established that a big thing that women still go for is higher status, successful men with money and resources. Therefore, would it make sense to purchase the highest status car you comfortably can afford in order to help pull in women? Also, I realize its not a good idea to lead...
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    Chick cancels third date, then 7 months later reaches out

    1. 7 months ago, went on two dates with chick. Night date for first date. Took her to my boxing gym second date. Not really any action (Feel free to knock me on that) 2. Initially agreed to come to my place for third, then backed out, saying she didn't see it going anywhere because I have a...
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    Gone on three dates- girl does not know that I have a child. Best way to disclose this?

    Met a girl off Bumble. Had sex on third date. She lives about 25-30 minutes away. Because I think it costs me sex in the past, I did not disclose I had been married and have a small child. Have the child a little less than half the time. Technically, she never asked about children and I...
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    I didn't disclose having a child on the first date, but seems like I should say something now. Thoughts?

    I think linearly, so here it goes. I'm 36 years old, divorced with a two year old. 1. Went out with a 26 year old blonde, incredible tits a couple weeks ago, two dates total, no sex. Went to set up third date, which she initially agreed. Day before date sends a text saying that she was...
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    Adding a pic with a baby OLD good/bad idea?

    I'm doing okay approaching in the day, but wanted to just get a passive online profile going with Tinder and Match. Putting photos through photofeeler and found that a picture with my baby was one of the highest scoring of my pictures. Would it be a good idea to add this or no? Goal now is to...
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    Where do I go from here? Engaged woman seems to be interested in me.

    So, I met a girl for about 15 minutes through work (not a co-worker that I will work with ever again, just a one time task). She displayed pretty clear IOI's. I call her, leave a voice mail, seeing if she wanted to grab a coffee. She texts me and says she would love to grab coffee, but wanted...
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    3rd Date- She did not feel comfortable giving out address?

    Gone out two times so far, two dinners, drinks. Spent about 11 hours with her so far. Kissed first date, making out second, but not a lot of extracurricular touching. Seems to be a more conservative girl. When we go to set up 3rd date, I mention that since she came up my area (a restaurant...
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    Kiss Closed first date, when meet for second do I greet with kiss?

    Amateur question, but I'm just getting back into the game. First date went well. She then followed up contact immediately that night after date and then the following day. Meeting her again tonight to grab dinner and drinks.
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    Logistics-Guidance on late night date tonight please

    Cold approached a girl in public, exchanged numbers. Cut me some slack with these questions as I'm jumping into the game after a 10 year marriage failed. Here it goes: She has high level of interest, actually initially made contact with me after four days. Tried to set up a date, but I was...
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    Actions Taken Journal

    DAY 1 I am creating this thread as a hopefully strong impetus for me to take more direct action in assertively approaching, talking to, dating, sleeping with attractive women. I have found that whatever gets measured, gets better This is for my accountability. I am on the tail end of a...