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    From a brazilian newspaper: "Women search for a man wanting to be a dad"

    Well, I was out of SoSuave for a while. Pardon me for my poor English skills (as I used to practice here), but this one belongs here! Well, this sh1t came here too! Seems like brazilian men started to realize that when they reach 30 and have money on their pockets and all, they don't have to...
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    Hey fellows!

    Off for a while... yaaaay great things happened! My life is amazing right now. Nothing in this world beat the power of options... trust me. Better yet, trust RT, the MAN! I didn't know I could do so WELL... as soon as I could drop a woman in a heartbeat and go after another, stuff happened...
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    "Why don't I get women?"

    In the past I kept asking myself this question. Why? And now, some years later, I definitely can see the pattern. I have more women than I know what to do with when I... can't have them. I have success when women become a problem. Something that will interfere with a goal (or some...
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    Porn has completely destroyed me

    :crackup: !!! Here is the link.
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    Seize your power

    Seize your power Did you know that you're the most powerful person on earth? Yes, you. And me. And everyone else. Most do not realize this, but everyone is the most powerful person in this world... at least to them. And that's what really matters at the end. You have all the power you...
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    March - Newspaper loves women!

    Is this just a brazilian thing? Starting this month, every newspaper have at least one news concerning women, how they are fvcked, how men earn more, stuff like this. Just today I read one. The guy was saying that women accomplished many things, but still they had to get a lot more, like more...
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    Nice Girls?! (repost from Rollo Tomassi)

    I really wanted to reply in the Mature Men forum but I can't, so I bring in this small bit of pure knowledge so the main board can benefit from it! By the way, the last paragraph is what I really think about the whole nice girl stuff, which is making enough fuzz on this board lately. Everybody...
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    Beware of pulling "friends" out of their AFC ways!

    There is this guy, he is (was?) an OLD friend of mine. He was always an AFC. He has a three-year oneitis and the girl keep stringing him along to get some affirmation, yet give him little-to-none play (as in just kissing him when no one is watching, and never going past that). I tried to talk...
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    Thoughts on moving from one city to another

    Hey guys. As you all know, I live in Brazil. I was thinking of moving to another city, maybe in my country, or maybe even go to USA or another country if conditions arise. This is not something I plan to do right now. I have to get my degree first. That will take a while, so it's really...
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    Diet/Training for a guy without a leg?

    Hey guys. I broke my leg in the end of January. Since then I have my right leg completely immobilized. I have a small home kit, two DBs (those you can put the weight plates in it), one BB (same), a bench, and a good amount of weight plates (much more than I can lift, that's what I can say)...
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    Car repair 101 sites

    I am in Brazil. Mechanics here are mostly cheap. Most do a pretty lame job at fixing cars too. :D As I like learning those things and want to save some cash, I wanted to fix my own car, which is old enough - 1991. This is not common here in Brazil, but in US I heard it is. So if anyone...
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    Some tips

    Off for a while, I emerged myself into my life. I should have done that long ago, LOL :D Well, I have some advice. If you can benefit feel free to use it. It worked for me. My background: I was grown in a uber-AFC family. My father, my grandfather, all males around me are ultra AFCs. It's...
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    Now let's go out and get rejected!

    ...and you did it all. You lost weight, you cleaned your face and made some friends. You now have *some* life. You know you have a lot to change, but you had to start one day and you did. Everything is fine... except for... you don't approach. The rationalizations varies, but the essence...
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    anabolic steroids, does anyone here uses them?

    *I AM NOT CONSIDERING USING IT, FAMILY MEMBERS HAD PROBLEMS WITH IT AND IT'S LIKELY I WOULD TOO, IT'S JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY* [flame prevention] Ok, the question is that... does anyone here uses it? What are your experiences?
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    young and married?

    I am 20 and therefore not allowed to post on the mature man forum. But this question is directed to people who know what they're talking about, and I'm sure I'll find few of them on the DJ main discussion. Still, as usual, if the mods think I am nuts just move it to where it (doesn't) belong...
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    DAMMIT I can't stop FARTING!

    *PSST* Then again, djbr stinks. I can't stand it anymore. Everytime I'm on a bulking diet I start to fart a hell lot. Does anyone has any tips to stop it?
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    Quick thoughts about being a man

    You are supposed to be a man, not some fvckin idiot who has to make rude commentaries out of everything. Being a man includes the way you carry yourself, your tone of voice, and your attitude. That's does NOT mean you're not supposed to be a fun, happy, positive person. This is a trap that...
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    got drunk yesterday and have a workout schedule for today. what to do?

    Yesterday was crazy. I got REAL drunk (fvck you vodka) and passed out. Today I woke up as usual when I drink too much... feeling OK, but a little dizzy. I know, I know, bad move. I have a workout schedule for today. MAN I feel bad... I don't want to miss it. But I don't think it would be a...
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    Family problems

    I tried to keep this out of this forum. It's a old problem but I never tried to ask advice about it here. But now the situation got a little out of control and I don't have another option, as no one I know could possibly give me unbiased advice about this issue. I will try to be as clear as...
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    Does anyone listen music like I do...?

    ...like listen to one song until you can't stand it anymore, then listening to another countless times until you can't stand it anymore, then...