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    Seemed like he had a case of Epiphany Addiction. Hopefully, he just got into a lasting relationship. I've found that this place can become suddenly uninteresting when that happens. Maybe he's making babies now, and someday his grandchildren will internet detect him for an hour and find all of...
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    I always thought that STR8UP needed to leave Florida to get away from all of the soulless wh0res, and that squirrels needed to move to Florida to bang him some soulless wh0res. Maybe he succeeded.
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    Do you really become the creepy older guy

    You won't be creepy at 45 as long as you act like you're 45. Don't make any attempt to dress or talk like a college dude to fit in at a college bar, dam. And if the place is clearly for younger people, don't hang out there beyond a few games of pool or something. But when it comes to...
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    What if one day your posts dissappeared?

    Well, not my posts, but I was just wondering about something. One of my favorite posters here was persistent exaction. He never made threads of his own, but he always had something spot-on to say, especially in the Mature Man forum. I was just looking at the boards after a long absence...
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    Looks like Doc Love still has an advice column there. Check it out. http://www.askmen.com/dating/doclove/
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    more advanced cat's help

    Basically, you probably shouldn't suddenly "tell her how you feel" out of the blue. Your friends are not so experienced. Here's what you need to know about attracting female friends. http://www.sosuave.com/articles/escaping.htm
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    Iron Rule #4: NEVER under any circumstance live with a woman you aren't married to

    Let me field this one. No, no, of course she is not Anglo-American. I think fuzzx himself has said before that moving in with an Anglo-American woman would be a very bad idea.
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    Ex comes back and tells me something awful

    There was a girl in my hometown who had pulled this **** a few years ago. Unfortunately, she had not taken into account that the guy had very severe mental issues of his own. He became so enraged over the purported abortion that he knocked her out and nearly beat her to death. It was a source...
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    LTR Attraction Rekindle Advice

    I agree with colossus and some of the others that this isn't a case of falling attraction, it's a case of her being passive-aggressive and having an attitude that's a bit too controlling for you. Hell, I don't think any of the things she's saying would bother me, except for bringing up other...
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    Hot n cold woman

    You should respond, "Okay, so listen up this time, it's important: ", then begin to drone on and repeat everything you just said. That's what drives them crazy. Just play dumb, be all business, totally ignore the snotty tone and subtext. She will give up trying to get a rise out of you.
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    Wife goes to Club/Bar

    The OP hasn't logged in since his last post in here, a year ago. So that's that. I remember this being a thread where STR8UP's cynicism really saw through the situation flawlessly. http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showpost.php?p=1359966&postcount=229
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    I'm 28 and girlfriend wants to get engaged...

    There's something off about the math. You met her, she was with her boyfriend for 15 months, then getting over her boyfriend for 6 months, then you ignored her for 12 months, then she was gone for 12 months, and now she's been back for 7. That's about 4 and a half years, not 3 and a half...
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    Kill The Messenger

    I didn't notice any mention of Jimmy selling one of his pictures or getting any commercial interest in his drawings before showing up in California to - what - put the screws to a gallery owner or two? Are his drawing actually any good? Are they really leagues better than the countless...
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    If girls are already with your group of friends, a rave is a great place to go and interact. As for cold pickups at a rave, it's not really any easier there than anywhere. Maybe harder, since it is entirely based on looks and eye contact. I have seen a friend of mine do it once. It's just so...
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    Advice - Exboyfriend calling my LTR

    Do option A. If that doesn't work, she can contact the police about a restraining order, but you guys need to start saving call logs (or whatever other evidence there is.) You really don't want to do option B, because that's going to convince him that you alone are trying to force her to...
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    Men wearing rings. What signals does it give a woman?

    Dude, there are Pick Up Artists who wear a bit of something quirky solely to attract women! They call this peacocking. I can't see how a bit of flair like that could hurt at all. Greek soldiers on Tiger's Eye? Oooh, can I see?
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    Competition Anxiety

    Some that I discovered by accident with my current girlfriend. 1. One night as we were going to sleep, "something's poking me." She handed me a a pointy little wire. I told her that was a bobby pin. She never wore bobby pins in her hair. Oh my. I told her that it was from an old...
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    Love, Truth, Fear or just another reason to next it

    Normally, it's just a line. But this one could easily be telling the truth, simply because it doesn't sound like her head is on straight. Normally, people near our age aren't still moping over that time we got dumped in High School. And normally, people don't ask for a relationship after a...
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    How to support your gf/partner?

    His GF is right. He should back down on this one. If you just mean being in the same room with the slut while hanging with a dude, that's fine. But there shouldn't be any texting, outings, or any other direct contact. He should not "be friends" with some woman who pretty clearly...
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    BPD woman killed husband in drunk rage, gets 4 years

    Well, before you blame this sort of thing on Feminism, remember that there are plenty of notorious cases of men using the mental illness defense and getting a slap on the wrist for murder. Heck, I think I made a thread about it once: http://www.sosuave.net/forum/showthread.php?t=128684