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    End it all?

    Reading though this place was not good for me. Hunger for knowledge and truth was not a good thing at all. Why does anyone ever push on oer dilude themselves here? You only live a lie much alike the betas you dispise so much. There is nothing left in this world to live for or put your life on...
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    Anger will not subside... getting only worse

    So about 2 months ago an LDR dumped me over the phone. There was a thread I asked some things about back then (early August). I want to move on and I really have a huge workload on my to finish by December but... the anger resurfaces every chance it can. I go to the gym regularly and work out at...
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    Do I daman my money back?

    Sorry if this was asked here before (to be honest I am more of an immage board guy) but here it goes: Dated this girl for almost a year, turned into an LDR (which I, knowing was a bad idea, still wanted to believe in). Basically everything was going fine and all, I had to support with the...