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    Is it worth buying some Dow Jones, Tesla, big company stocks who right now seem way underpriced..?

    I mean, I don;t think Dow Jones or Tesla and similar sized companies are going anywhere, they are probably gonna bounce back even stronger after this so what is some stock you guys think I should be buying right now? Am talking smaller amounts, 50 dollars, 100 dollars tops.
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    This is what I overheard talking to plate on the phone...

    While I was talking to this plate of mine on the phone, she tells me to wait a second cause she momentarily at her sister's house. Apparently, her sister is married and has two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy and the girl come rushing into the room and the little boy is apparently complaining to...
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    Do you notice women being generally hornier and coming at you with the Coronavirus situation?

    I've had at least 5 girls who were playful, but not capitalizing before come back and they are just wild right now, sexting and phone sex. Have you guys noticed sth like this, too? Are there more women coming back to you or just new women coming at you or is it just me and if yes, why do you...
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    Is it harder for women to have kids approaching 30 and beyond and why?

    Been with a girl for almost 2 years now, things are very nice, almost all dynamics in place. She has been hinting at living together and surely having kids and she will be 25 come March. I have heard from Rollo, generally the red pill and my own mentore that approaching 30, women have difficulty...
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    Is flirting with a woman first a lower value signal?

    What I mean is...when you openly flirt with a woman...is that a sign to her that you want her more than she wants you otherwise she'd be flirting first?
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    For the sake of your mental peace, always clear things up.

    I made a thread here about a girl coming over at my place the beginning of January and then nothing happening cause she was acting weird and it all got weird. Problem is, I had this feeling in my gut that I maybe did the hurried thing to just give her the silent treatment for the last 2 months...
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    Never again.

    I was listening to AMS one of his vids as he said "Whatever is my bread and butter, the thing that makes most of my income, I prioritize it. Nothing gets done before that. No women, no secondary jobs. Everyday, every facking day". Love it. I am going out on a picnic with my girlfriend right now...
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    Plate comes over, refuses sex so I sent her packing

    She came at my place, everytime she did, we had sex except for once when she was in the middle of period. As soon as she entered she said "what's that on your neck, someone kissed you there?" I was like "Hm, no." And she went on and on. Didn't stop me from grabbing her ass and laying her in bed...
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    Girlfriend comes at my place unannounced, situation leads to fight with my roommate

    I live with a roommate that I will get rid of in 1-2 months tops. As for now, this is the situation. Me and my girlfriend have established a "date night" every Thursday, we go out do sth, eat at a restaurant, go watch a movie, play bowling, do sth together, spend some quality time together. We...
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    Do I do anything or just leave it alone?

    There's this girl, 20 years old, we chat it up for a while on Facebook and then we move to a phone call. The phone call turns into pre-foreplay, but we stop it there, she says she wanna see me for a drink. Next day, we set up a "date" (I guess you can call it that), but instead, she calls me...
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    How would you treat her?

    Long story short: 19 years old, virgin, came to my place about a couple of days after we started talking, the D-sucking she did was as if she hadn't seen one in years. Second time she came over we messed around with her V and we got it over and done with, she bled and all, as a first time it was...
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    Ex girlfriend says she saw us having sex in her dream...

    I was with this girl for a short time, about 3 months, back 7 years ago, but we kept in touch throughout all these years, I know her younger sister, brother, I even met her parents LOL but it's been a year or so we went out just once. Now she comes up with this...dream thing where she's seen us...
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    When a woman you know (and have banged) since a short time tells you to come over, but she;s on her period...

    Is she trying to test whether you will say "Yeah, let's wait a couple of days" or what? Like, in my mind, this is a **** test to see whether you wanna come over just for ****ing or if you're down for non-sexual time, too, but maybe I am wrong. What do you guys think?
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    Do you tell women your problems (personal/professional)?

    I share it with some of them, but not in a complaining way, just storytelling. Do you? If no, why?
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    What limits do you guys have? Like, how much time passes before you consider her for a girlfriend? How much time after being a girlfriend would you consider moving in? What do you observe most carefully in different stages? Let's talk about this.
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    FIFA "guides" television networks to greatly reduce the times they show beautiful women in stands...

    https://www.milannews.it/news/mondiali-fifano-riprese-tv-belle-donne-301168 For those who don't know Italian, this is the reason I didn;t see so many pretty girls on TV in this World Cup...apparently, FIFA says it's sexist to show beautiful women in the stands...is there any type of institution...
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    What do you think about men who abide by the idea that "you can never understand women completely"?

    There is a guy who has been mentoring me about a lot of stuff including photography and different life areas, but I just cannot agree with this statement of his. He abides by the idea that one can never fully understand women and we are talking here about a real Don Juan who has facked ***** all...
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    "It hurts"

    This is a girl with who we've had sex before no problems, yes, sometimes it hurts her since she apparently has a short vagina, but it's not like we had problems to *** in most cases. Last night she came to spend the night and I could feel that it hurt her. Today morning, same thing, she even...
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    Quick thoughts on situation

    Girl added me on Facebook about two weeks ago and has been liking a couple of pics so I decided to say hi today and I did and the conversation flew pretty, pretty quickly. She told me she would like to shoot some pics, I ask her what kind, she tells me some hot ones, too and everything flows...