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    Religion and Game

    Also It's the churches where pastors preach the hardest against sin where the most souls are saved. This is because the knowledge of the Law is what POINTS sinners to Christ for salvation. Galatians 3:24, “Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be...
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    Religion and Game

    Good post. Also People have said the current president of the USA isn't saved. He was asked if he asks God for forgiveness. He said he doesn't. He just says he tries to not do it again. He got criticism for saying he didn't ask God for forgiveness. However God has forgiven everyone when he...
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    Religion and Game

    This is lordship salvation doctrine which is crept into every church in the world. It's taught far and wide. Not just in mega churches either. It's all about trusting in your own efforts to get into heaven rather than seeking Christ's righteousness, believing on his death for your sins and...
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    Why does a female continue to lie?

    If I was you I would be focused on getting a hard dik for the next girl and bang her good. Thinking about that stuff your thinking about is useless unless your wanting to bang her again.
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    girl at work

    Been talking to this old Vietnam guy at work. Being talking about him and his mate banging Australian hookers every week (perhaps it seems while married). He asked me a couple of times if i have a girlfriend or am married. Now today he asked me if I'm interested in dating a girl. He's hooking me...
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    cant get a boner

    Your gay. That's fine dude find yourself a lover.
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    Find a smash partner before the COVID lockdowns reoccur

    find 20 smash partners and live in a penthouse with 10 helicopters.
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    how safe is rawdog sex with strangers?

    I'm scared of actually catching something from rawdog. How safe is it?
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    cant get a boner

    I have no problem getting it hard by myself. 30 seconds of jerking it any time any place and im hard. Problem is I'm not erect when grinding on girls. Guy's don't turn me on and I'm thinking about banging hoes I have met before and think of them while watching porn where the girl looks like...
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    cant get a boner

    In order for me to get a hard on I gotta rub it quite fast to get hard. condoms make me go soft. Help? what do i do?
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    Covid will lead to UBI, the wet dreams of big gov

    You see it with groceries getting smaller in quantity in a supermarket. A packet of biscuits goes from 150g to 120g then to 100g a few months later. Toliet rolls with less paper and more cardboard as the roll that the paper spins on. They say its a recession here but car sales are booming and...
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    Does Anyone Here Still play Video Games

    I play different forms of poker, bridge, spades, euchre, backgammon and pool. I watch video games on youtube being played though. GTA series is my favorite atm. Watching niko from gta 4 be a full on gangster.
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    Gf ditched me to meet some other “friend”dude

    Personally I would tell a girl that wants to be with me that im taken. I would tell her I love 2 large fries, 1 big mac and a large soda. I would tell her after making love with mcdonalds that I have no love left for her.
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    How do you guys stay consistent with workout or running/cardio routines?

    You really gotta get your diet fine tuned to lose weight. Weights and cardio are not even needed to lose weight but you will probably look better if you do both, eating more calories and burning it off from the two (cardio and weights).
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    Virtuous women "non existent" in the USA?

    Everyone in the church is living a double life. Some openly tell you of their sins and others keep it all quiet until they get caught or maybe never it comes to light to the people. Reading James 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The...
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    Do you think that if Scott Peterson gets his conviction overturned, he'll be macking like an uber-Chad?

    if he escapes from prison he will be the ultimate bad boy to women.
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    Virtuous women "non existent" in the USA?

    that video makes me hungry for two large fries, a big mac and a large soda.
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    HB 6 offering to pay for a return flight to sleep with me

    get another $500 and buy yourself something nice.