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    How to Get better At First Dates

    I know the term "it's a number's game" gets thrown around a lot, but what that also means is sometimes the numbers will work in your favor, and sometimes they won't. For example, I had a streak of luck where any woman I went out with, we'd eventually be able to make out, hook up, etc. Then, I...
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    “Yeah, Maybe” ?

    Just did a whole video about this:
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    In Memorian: Doc Love

    I was doing research on YouTube for dating video topics and came across an old Doc Love interview. I've always loved his advice and wanted to see what he was up to these days. Sadly, I found out that he passed away this year, in August 2020. Surprisingly, I find myself being quite emotional...
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    "Girl I'm Dating Still Has Her Online Profile Up - What to Do?"

    This is a question I saw on another forum, and it's one I've seen time and time again: when you meet a woman online and things are going well, what do you do when you discover her profile is still up? Should you bring it up to her? How do you address it? And, how do you make her take it down...
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    Funny and somewhat embarrassing hook up stories.

    I hooked up with this chick one time, and after we were finished we rested a bit before doing it again. This time, she went down on me, and it was so good that I climaxed... and wouldn't stop climaxing. She was down to take it all in, but it just... kept... coming out of me, lol. To the point...
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    How Do I Proceed With This Chick?

    (Gets up on soap box) STOP TEXTING HER. TEXTING IS NOT HOW YOU BUILD ATTRACTION, AND IT MAKES YOU LOOK TOO AVAILABLE. Seriously, guy... just make plans with her to do something, then get off the phone. Men who are chasing their purpose and focusing on their happiness don't have time to be on...
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    (Sigh) Ok, soooooo... Reality check: women don't actually like texting all that much. And yet, men continue to do it too much - we start liking a girl, we're eager to talk to her all the time, and we text at times when we shouldn't. You took her out on a Sunday; Monday, she got stuff to do...
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    A lesson I learned about building attraction... from 2 dogs??

    I was dating this woman one time who had two dogs. As I got to know them and interact with them, I was able to observe something very interesting in my interaction with one of them that parallels with how attracting women works. I thought it was an interesting obervation, so I made a video about it!
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    "You're so good in bed, I don't even like using my toys anymore!"

    This is just an example of what women I've dated have told me after a few rounds of bedroom action, without me asking or searching for validation. I do a pretty good job of learning my partners' bodies when we're dating, to the point where I can give them a mind-blowing experience each and every...
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    5 Steps to Avoiding the Friend Zone

    Time and time again I see questions from men asking "How do I get out of the friend zone?" The REAL answer? You don't - instead, you learn how to avoid getting into the friend zone altogether. Men make a lot of mistakes at the beginning that result in women that would have dated them at first...
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    when she reaches out and says she miss me??wtf

    So, lessons to learn from this experience: 1. Do not verbalize your feelings for women until they do it first. And even then, your verbalization of said feelings should be such that they feel less intense than hers are to you (example: if she says "I just care about you so much and think about...
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    The TRUTH About the "3-Day Wait Between Dates to Call" Rule...

    I know, right?? And I mention in the video that part of the reason you want to wait is that, if you have it in your head to wait a few days to call, she'll be more apt to reach out to YOU first, which allows you to better gauge her interest vs. if you had called/text her sooner. Most men are...
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    What to say and do when ur GF breaks up w u?

    Here's another curve-ball for you: sometimes, women will throw out the ol' "we need to break up" line, not because they actually want to dump you, but because they may feel like the relationship is going downward and they want to talk to you about something but don't know how to do it. So...
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    Is going back to a woman that cheated ALWAYS beta?

    I disagree with the premise in the first place, that women are designed to cheat. I feel the same way when people say men are designed to cheat. Women are designed to be loyal to their best option - therefore, if, in her eyes, you are the best option, she would not cheat and risk losing you. If...
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    Should a man ever seek emotional fulfillment in a woman?

    It's called "being indifferent." Meaning: it's not that the biggest Don Juan's don't have emotions; it just means they don't let women be the thing that controls them. Men that are looking to validate their egos will always have their emotional states tied to whether or not women like them. If...
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    In a dating funk...keep getting first date rejections...unsure what is going on

    Duuuuuude I'm loving hearing about all the progress you're making with this woman! And kudos on not rushing it - a lot of men will start to do just that once a hook-up has taken place! My only advice: keep doing what you're doing, and wait until she starts coming at you with the "what are we?"...
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    The TRUTH About the "3-Day Wait Between Dates to Call" Rule...

    So... I already know this is probably going to be an unagreed-upon topic, lol. I've seen so many men over the years on various forums online ask this question: "How many days between dates should I wait to call a woman?" And there are many people who have different answers. Some feel that, if...
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    Am i coming Off too strong on Dates?

    They may have wanted to go all the way. I had a date that I took out to dinner one time and attempted to drop her back at her place afterward. She wouldn't leave my car, so I made the suggestion that "if you'd like, we can go back to my place and watch TV or whatever..." 30 min later I had her...
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    Is she losing interest? Mixed signals

    Dude, seriously... don't self-sabotage this thing. The girl is showing you nothing but signals that indicate she likes you. I don't know what past hurts you've had, but this is not those situations. Just because she doesn't text you all the time doesn't mean she's not interested. If she's...
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    Logistics of meeting and approaching during COVID

    Dude... DUDE! I met a 24 year old (now 25) on Hinge a month before quarantine started, and all she's done for the past 5 months is hang out and f--k my brains out. Oh, and watch Netflix, lol. Meanwhile, I just had a date this past week with another woman I met on Hinge who was more than willing...