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    Has a chick ever agreed to meet up with you despite somehow later mentioning she's 'taken'

    My Tinder FWB is married but it's a train-wreck that I give 50/50 of surviving. She constantly claims to be swearing off Tinder/Bumble, but last night showed me three prospects she's meeting up with soon. Also claims she's not all that horny anymore and is just looking for friends. A messed...
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    Will the National Face Covering Mandate usher in a new Salem Witch Trials era?

    Indeed. It's surprising how much people are afraid of an unenforceable mandate.
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    Is intelligence truly attractive?

    Sounds like a good summary of my GF. Not gonna deny that her sexual attractiveness is a factor, but it's not the thing that keeps me around. It's the teamwork, the banter, and being able to effortlessly maintain interesting conversation. Those are things that make spending time together...
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    Casino apps... similar to swipe app dynamics?

    https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/tech-news/addicted-losing-how-casino-apps-have-drained-people-millions-n1239604 I found the above article interesting in light of my ill-advised move to buy a year of Tinder Gold last fall, which just ran out last week. As I've mentioned in the past, my "like" rate...
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    COVID September 2020

    Simple reclassification of generic lab equipment, done back in April 2020. So when you re-run reports for product code 902780, suddenly the database describes it as a COVID-19 item rather than something generic. See...
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    Lose your Quarantine 15 before you date

    By late-July my own Q5 was pushing Q10. The home workouts sucked, I was not limiting the alcohol as much as I should, and I was taking too many holidays from fasting. The past few weeks I've doubled down again on bicycling, and extended the difficulty level and amount of time I spend with the...
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    COVID September 2020

    All I see are rants, generalizations (any statement attributed to a category of people that begin with "All" or "No/None" are false on their face and are not worthy of debate), and ad-hominens against me and other people of whom you know nothing. As for having to show how special I am, I have...
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    The absolute state of the US online dating market

    Yeah, I managed to score a FWB off Tinder during lockdown when there was a wave of OLD newbies coming into Tinder/Bumble. I get the same line from her. And from what she's shown me of her Tinder feed, on average the guys chasing her are in fact low-quality. That said, she's a 6 on a good...
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    COVID September 2020

    Again with the ad-hominems against a target you haven't the slightest clue about. Argument of last resort when baseless rants run out of steam.
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    COVID September 2020

    Does it matter? Why would you even believe a random poster on the internet? Everything is fake news to you, except the cherry-picked YouTube videos that your "critical thinking skills" have so artfully curated. Dunning-Kruger at its finest.
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    COVID September 2020

    You know not of which you speak. Ad-hominen arguments are lame enough, but when you so completely mis-characterize the object of your argument, it's an entirely new level of pathetic.
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    COVID September 2020

    So sorry I triggered you this badly snowflake. Actually, maybe I'm not.
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    COVID September 2020

    One needs to look no farther than the RNC to witness the message of "be afraid!!!"
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    COVID September 2020

    Well then, excellent! I can now get away with murder! After all, if I shoot someone on 5th Avenue, the Death Certificate will merely list the organ failures from the piece of hot lead the splintered through their body. Hell, it might not even list "gunshot wound" as the cause of death. It...
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    COVID September 2020

    And if somehow there turned up a pointless, shock-jock photo of what you describe, I have little doubt that Covid-deniers would just claim it to be a Photoshopped fake. Because really, unless you are physically there, how do you know there are really dead bodies inside? And how do you know...
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    You proposed a solution without defined terms, I was just asking for clarification. As for what I'm playing... a layman, who understands that expertise is real, and that I would not presume to possess the skill set to out-wit a PhD with a pithy four-word refinement to their methodologies
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    Kinda like... the scientific method? But of course in medical research, those things in practice aren't quite that simple.
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    Care to define "full spectrum of scrutiny"? Love how when a scientific theory is disproved through the introduction of new evidence, it's reason not to trust science. When a mystic is proven wrong when the doomsday-prediction-du-jour doesn't pan out, it's "well, let's hear the next prediction!"
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    BRACE YOURSELF - invasion on November, 2020

    The easy answer to the above question is: "No". Unless you think that NASA researchers are the same people in charge of giving out Public Health Policy Recommendations. And I truly hope that you are aware enough to not believe that fallacy.
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    The Mask Lie

    Or an attention-a-*****-whack-a-doodle. Take your pick....