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    Has a chick ever agreed to meet up with you despite somehow later mentioning she's 'taken'

    I take it as you’re once a candidate to get some no matter her situation (hypergamy) but you do or say something that makes her check herself. I’d still check her on it.....guess you’re gonna have to wait to climb this mountain until he’s gone then....
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    Power in a relationship and ultimatums about marriage etc

    After reading this, im so glad I don’t have to put up with that BS. Kudos to dating a woman no kids never married but she hitting a wall. If she doesn’t have a burning desire to wait for you on your terms, then walk away. There are other women who will and you’re better off as a dad without...
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    Types of marriages

    So all my buddies got married around the same time and all seem to be in the same type of marriage. Are there different kinds? What I’m speaking of is when it comes to making a decision, female oriented. It seems to work for all of them as they’re approaching 10 years and me being the divorced...
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    Dealing with embarrassment of performance anxiety

    Shes 32 with two kids, single mother, and you feel like you lost something? She did you a favor dude. Could have been your subconscious telling you this ain’t right. And what do you know, it was right because the relationship stopped. Don’t get serious with single moms. They’re gonna want...
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    Stigma against divorced dudes

    I don’t blame the women who want investigate more when they find out about a divorce. I’d do it to her. But not by asking directly, by watching her behaviors. Since women typically take no blame for their actions because they’re always justified, she wouldn’t change what she did before. Also...
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    Hitting the mall up

    Well two hours and not a dang approach. It’s pathetic but women dip into these stores and do I go in there? I feel like the slowest walker compared to these speed demons. Dinner with some friends later, I’ll see what’s up there. i gotta admit, I saw one then she stood in line at this store...
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    Hitting the mall up

    Got a mission tomorrow. Hit the mall, hopefully see some females I’m interested in and approach. Last week I went to a different one for two hours and was actually too pvssy to approach. Gotta face the rejection though. Any tips? I’ve watched countless videos in what to do but ain’t nothing...
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    How should I bring up to my GF that I don't like the thirst trap pics she posts on Snapchat

    Draw the line. ‘Babe, i don’t want you to post those pics anymore.’ She stops, cool. She doesn’t, roll out. My guess is she’s gonna tell you you’re controlling and she can do what she wants.
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    Epidemic of BV

    Was going at it with one chick, she had a dress on and I pulled her panties down. We were against the fridge and it was the most putrid smell. I tried to brush it off but then got another whiff of it, made me want to vomit. So then i asked her, do you have something spoiled in your fridge...
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    Ways men show approval seeking mentality

    wild, I made a plan with a woman, she said she was busy that day but wanted to get together that evening. I had plans but said the next night was fine. Never responded. Ghosted me. Crazy how common that is these days.
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    Totally humiliated by family when gf was around

    Oh yea no coming back from that. I wouldn’t speak to them, you’re their punching bag. As far as she is concerned if you think her apology was genuine then maybe she just laughed at funny jokes. I’d see if anything like that happens again.
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    Totally humiliated by family when gf was around

    Whats an example of what they said and your girls reaction?
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    Recent experience.

    So i met this woman out at a bar a few months back. She is a realtor so gave me her card. I also found out she was married. A few weeks later she found me on social media and talked. Sent me a couple pics. She told me how she felt stuck, blah blah. Well we met up a couple times, I couldn’t...
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    Learning to become Alpha after being cheated on (long story)

    Respect. That’s it. Get a separation agreement with a schedule for the kids, and how the finances will be divided. Either walk out the door or kick her out. It’s over. You’re trying to live a fantasy. you’ll never trust her again or what she says. She respected you so much that she had an...
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    I was the rebound guy, What can I do now?

    I’d go dead silent after I heard that tinder thing. She doesn’t respect you enough to tell you then she doesn’t deserve any of your attention. Think what else she’d do behind your back if things got real serious.
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    Girl I'm seeing called me out for living with parents....

    She’s prob thinking mamas boy weakling because you lied and appeared ashamed. She may hold it over your head for leverage. You’re lucky for sex and lucky to have her from now on, according to her. Good luck.
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    Woman I am dating is stressed about family issues, effecting when we are together. Options for handling?

    Mixing families never gonna work out. Isn’t it a person shows you who they really are after 90 days and you’re three months in? Also, when a person shows you who they are, believe them? Next, her announcing she hopes her drama isn’t too much is her telling you she ya lots of drama. And if...
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    She disappeared, Im puzzled

    If you’re a man of abundance why do you care? Guess who ain’t thinking about you right now? Her. This stings but we all gotta hear it. I appreciate your updates.
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    Stood up

    Well we met for dinner and she came right back to my house. Said It was her period and wouldn’t let me touch it. She’s not what I would pursue if I saw her at a bar. But glad I didn’t put much effort in.
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    Lay Report + Texting tips

    Anything after??