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    Reading Material

    After re-reading my post I should of specified for "picking up girls". I actually have 48/50 laws of power... great books.
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    Reading Material

    Merry Christmas everyone! Looking to jump start my game for 2017 (i've fallen off in the worst way). Any suggestions for reading material to start off with? Years ago I read several books/ebooks (which helped tremendously) and i'm looking to get back where I previously was. Would appreciate...
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    *** The DJ Bible Has Moved ***

    link doesn't work.....
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    Weak text game

    wow good stuff fellas.... welp through my experience with this last chick I will say less texting will be more ideal for me. Think I got to friendly.... I should have been more in the cut. YOU LIVE AND LEARN!!!
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    Weak text game

    Looking to transform my weak text game into a strength. Any recommended articles/ebooks? (new to fourm)