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    Cleared it with the mods! A thread I’ve wanted to do for years. Post your real life picture let the community help fix your looks!(completely optiona)

    Just a quick picture, I dropped 100 pounds real difference in face. Still considered Obese and need to drop another 50lbs but at least I got jawline now. Hitting the gym everyday and watching what I eat will do body shots in another 4 months.
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    Valentines day

    I had a sonogram visit with the ex today, I gave her some chocolates and bag of chips that you can't buy in the USA considering she is pregnant and I can't eat them anyway. She asked me to be available for holidays special occasions, I won't see her until late Easter sunday I guess.
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    Social Media? Games?

    I already did and it is my child Thanks Bill, I took some time to stop and really think about the subject and it was becoming unhealthy for me. It was an on again off again relationship which started to become a friendship. I had a nice long talk with her about the situation and expressed...
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    Social Media? Games?

    Have you guys ever had a woman try and play games with you over social media? I was recently on a trip over the weekend and had a great time, met quite a few girls got some numbers even got an open offer right on the subway after 20 minutes of conversation for sex by some 35 year old on a...
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    Automated world in 40-50 years

    Actually these will be replaced quickly too, they have machines being tested now that can more accurately diagnose a patient then the majority of doctors same goes for accountants and lawyers. That is assuming we can stay together that long to achieve that. People will riot and you will see...
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    What do you do for a living?

    I work 3 jobs during the week I work in IT cisco switches and networking mostly, part time I was delivering the mail on saturdays and I also work nights at a hospital mainly per diem. I'm trying to find a second IT job thats per diem or at least contractual in nature so I can stop working at...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    Yea I was stupid and didn't see it and it was right in front of me. I knew she wanted to **** but I didn't think it would go this far, I been dating other girls to keep me from getting too emotional trapped to her. Yup. I tried to salvage it by pushing a relationship but she didn't want that...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I feel bad for him to be honest, after we broke up I noticed her gmail was logged into my laptop I checked her history (low move I should have just logged her out and moved on) I found every night, she would look at my facebook and then go watch porn for 1-2 hours. I have since logged out as...
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    I got DNA test at 14 weeks they are now able to take some of the mother's blood and filter the babies blood non invasive. It cost me around 900 dollars and also gave us the gender which thank god it's a baby boy.
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    The *No Contact* Challenge! ( Read this if you just got dumped)

    It's been 4 and 1/2 months since we broke up, she monkey branch back to an ex husband. The sex was amazing but she was starting to get disrespectful and I put her in her place which she didn't like and monkey branch back to her ex who she divorced to be with me. She tried to commit suicide 3...
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    Why do women need to feel

    Isn't this the truth, I am that guy that got away and found of from her friends she said this to them all. Now I'm trapped with a kid with her due date is July 4th, when I pushed for some more sex she flat out said there is no spark or feeling anymore. I just accepted a job away from her and...
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    Action photos for Tinder??

    Number 1 start off with one good face picture (first thing people see about you), 2nd get a body shot of yourself (proves you take care of yourself or your not fat) , 3rd shot with friends (social proof), 4th shot with a woman (Ppoof your attractive), 5th depends good shot yourself or a shot...
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    Not sure if my ego is acting up or

    Her changing plans like that to me shows low interest. When a woman really wants it she will move everything to be available, I think that is the right thing to do, if anything she will respect you more. In turn it will raise her interest levels in you usually. The foundation of any real...
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    Anyone here smashed or had luck with Middle Eastern/Persian/Arab chicks?

    I was in an LTR with a Morrocan girl for almost 2 years. I think the majority of arab girls usually find white guys attractive, its very different depending on the country though. Morrocan women are the most liberal and extremely sexual, best the sex I had was from them. A great many of them...
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    Body Recomposition?

    Just figure I'd touch base with everyone, I tried to maintain that massive calorie deficit but it was just killing me on my lifting/cardio days. I ended up having a deficit of 600-500 calories only. I'm down 5lbs since I posted this, some of my lifts have stalled but other areas like my triceps...
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    Perfume, the one to get

    I've personally been a fan of paco rabanne, one in a million. Most girls in there 20s to 30s like it. I'll give this one a try juan see how it measures up.
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    Body Recomposition?

    How possible is this? Right now I'm sitting at 30.6% bodyfat. I'm 6'3 248lbs altogether with 171lbs of lean mass. Right now my current regimen is 5 days a week swimming 1 mile. 3 days a week doing a full body workout of lifting. My BMR is about 2574 calories just to maintain weight, for the...
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    Cardio And Muscle Loss? Real Chit Or Myth?

    Correct fats for skin care? Recipe, you have peaked my interests good man? Can you further explain this?
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    article (a generation ago): Short Guys Finish Last

    As a 6'3 guy I'll tell you one thing. When I was fat no woman would look at me and even give me the time of day. Look maxing is probably the best thing you can do to attract women not height. Low body fat % in the 8% to 15% range followed by clothes that fit you and a good haircut go farther...
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    End it all?

    You need to find purpose in life and that isn't a woman. Pushing yourself to be a better man is the one of the noblest pursuits. Everything else will fall into place. Your 24 years old man, my life has changed so much since I was 24 years old. Just relax and stay focused.