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    Reschedule or soft next?

    Arent we supposed to nip it in the bud. If she ask "why are you busy now". "Next time confirm faster. made other plans now"
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    Reschedule or soft next?

    No woman is really LTR material these days. Even if I had nothing planned, I would just masturbate. Yeah she responded the next night double texting me after sending some meme. Longest plate of 5 months. I though it was a **** test at first seeing if I would chase. Am I supposed to...
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    Reschedule or soft next?

    No response in a timely manner. She responded almost 2 days later so I brushed her off saying I was busy and didnt offer a counter, I didnt think she deserves my time and attention.
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    If a man dominates, how can he not be emotional?

    So not bending over backwards for her or waiting for her every moment or changing plans to suit her schedule.
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    The temptation hits just keep on comin....

    Its good youre not ****ting where you eat. But she seems into you. Winner winner chicken dinner. Trying to see if I take the bait.
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    Reschedule or soft next?

    On Tue I planned for a date on Thursday. No response till Wed night. Now I didnt feel meeting up on Thursday since I called a buddy up to watch Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. On Wed she texted to nexflix and chill for Thu. I told her I'd be busy Thu. My buddy says Im punishing her for showing...
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    Would you **** a porn star ?

    Yes. I wont kiss them though. Ironically pornstars though considered low quality by other women are still cleaner and take better care of themselves since they have to earn. They know they have the wall approaching especially with all the new 18yo entering.
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    Do you think big-bellied, champion weightlifters are incels?

    Nope. Too much status. Plus if he is a champion, women love winners.
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    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    Seems possible the way things are moving but also remember that most only do this for ~12/32 years. Then they get a simp provider. So 40 seems reasonable for a ho3 ho3ing.
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    Letting her initiate sex

    This is quite an interesting topic. In one instance the man always has to lead and also has to randomly pull back to prevent too much comfort/familiarity. I always try to keep my plate dates as sexual as possible and then again I dont text them besides logistics. I would say 80% of my texts...
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    Man drugged and robbed by obese woman he was flirting with...disgraceful

    Yeah but this is a rust bucket junk that wont even move. Its like buying a scrapped car or the bus. But I guess some people are really depraved. I wouldnt kill myself but I definitely will go see my left hand rather that animal's wet hole. and farted.
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    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    "Women don't know how to be women anymore" Theyve become to masculine and want to take the lead. Which is funny because even if there is no other guy. From what I've learnt just pulling back harder is the correct answer. It can break it off but then its better that way, if she is doing this...
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    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    That's what I though too. I dont plan on becoming invested in these hoes Probably but 2 plates at around the same time period and now that Im thinking of it similar thing happened in new plate I got in Jan around end-Feb/mid-March
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    I've noticed this pattern in all plates around the 2-3month mark.

    Plate pulls back takes a day to reply. This has happened to 2 new plates almost like clockwork. Is this their version of a power struggle to try to get commitment? Dont they know that I wont be waiting for them and will either not reply or cancel the plan if she takes a day to reply.
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    article: My Opinion: Most Men Aren’t Husband Material

    Agreed. Women brought this on themselves. Plus she should know sperm is cheap eggs are not. I mean she's blatantly describing most women. I mean there are guys like what she described but most would be happy ****ing a pighole. https://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=178969311&page=2
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    Borat 2 trailer...

    First one was a masterpiece. The **** he did then will never be replicated. Especially with the current politically correct crowd.
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    Trimming down to at least 2mm around d1ck and balls. You can leave the swamp ass.
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    Borat 2 trailer...

    I remember seeing the movie logo's all over cinemas and then abruptly removed on the weekend. ****. Its been 14 years. Still is one of the funniest movies I've seen in my life.
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    Whats with plates getting FOMO?

    Weirdly she sent like a couple of messages, saying she is still cranky/stressed and her period is due. Also she would rather have come over but sent a pic of some work. My understanding is actions not words. I ignored but was thinking of saying "later, I got to run" "Treat em mean, keep em...
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    Attractive women 18 to 24

    Lol. where did you find her. Cant believe this is in the US/Western Europe. I know of this 25yo virgin asian chick which is weird cause he friends are hoes. She is so much sweeter than her friends. I guess she still has some "innocence". I completely agree too much baggage just makes them...