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    Anyone scared to get old?

    I mean really old... When you ache all the time, can't move well... Need others to help you accomplish tasks you see as simple today. Examples tying shoes, walking up stairs etc.... Sucky part of the life process if you ask me Carpe diem!
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    Mike Tyson figured out life...

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    Are most of the people you grew up with married, have children or both?

    Randomly looked up some people I went to high school with.. once I found one I clicked on others who they had on their friends list etc... Most are married (some twice over) and have children.. It's such a weird feeling I get looking at it.. just thinking about how they used to be and it's...
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    Anyone believe in it?....... Yeah I am drinking and know its a rhetorical question on this forum lol
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    Relationships - Either you're the boss or she is

    Yep I think there's really just these two dynamics in most relationships. Forget this even bs.... One person always has more power than the other. You can choose which you want to be.... Do you want to be the one treating your women like a queen or do you want to be the one she treats like a...
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    Anyone own a dog?

    Seems like a great pet but the maintenance has me a little apprehensive. Do I really have to wake up early every single day to let it out? Do you really have to walk them every day? I know the walking part is important but let's say you have a yard, can you just let them out in the yard to run...
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    3some - Have any of you had one?

    I was going to post this on the general forum as I'd probably get more responses but thinking about I figured they were would be a bunch of keyboard jockeys making it up so figured I'd pose it to the more mature crowd. Have any of you ever had one? If so how did you make it happen and how...
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    Is the nerd/geek look in?

    Been seeing some pretty hot chicks in relationships with real nerdy geek looking guys. Is this a new age thing or just random coincidences?
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    The Most Important Thread I'll ever write

    I have been meaning to do this for a while as you can see from this thread that explains the background - https://www.sosuave.net/forum/threads/everything-i-have-learned-about-women-through-real-experiences.232394/ I need to put everything I've learned through my experiences down and documented...
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    Sexual Talk with Girls

    Another belief I have in my head is that if you talk about sex too early with a girl they will get turned off. However I know women are even hornier than we are... Do you ever talk about sex with them? I usually just make a physical move and don't really have sexual dialogue beforehand.
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    Should you ever compliment a girl on her looks?

    I am serious with this question.... I always have it in my head that when you compliment a girl's appearance you were lowering your value and also basically giving her power by telegraphing too much interest. I guess this question is more towards the early dating phase.... If you go on a first...
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    Typical Dating BS those out of the game don't deal with

    This weekend I went out to this bar and approached a girl I saw with her friend at the bar. Things went well and I got her number. Sent a same night text to which she responded favorably. Sunday I didn't contact as I was recovering but last night I called and she picked up. I said how's it...
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    Hot POF Serial Dater with past STDS - Should I still bang?

    Yeah this girl is already inviting me over and I know I have a good chance of getting some. Physically I'm very attracted to her but she is an avid online dater so I know she has mileage... She is 31 years of age. We were talking on the phone the other day and I flat out asked if if she ever...
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    I got Hot Spanish Married Girl's #

    I was in this popular speakeasy place and I end up talking to this hot dark haired latina by the bar. I made a comment about the limes in her drink to open and then started multi threading. She was smiling and liked that we were talking, I was doing some kino and it was going really well...
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    Drunk about to meet some girl

    Yep... I am fvcked up... This girl barely drinks and we are going for coffee in 30 mins.. LOL wtf is going to happen... Stay tuned
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    Might have to fight bigger heavier guy

    I don't want to get into the specifics of how or why this went down and I hope I'm just being paranoid... but I may find myself in a situation where I have to defend myself against a bigger heavier guy. Now I'm not weak by any means but I think I need to concede that its most likely this guy is...
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    Should I sleep with a girl who has Lyme's Disease?

    She has the chronic type and apparently there's been some studies that it could spread through sex. She is hot as hell though... Need advice!
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    Age May Matter for a Man when procuring young girls

    I visited my old college campus about a month ago while I was on my hiatus from here. I made 3 cold approaches to girls walking throughout the campus and went 0 for 3. The first approach really made me feel weird though... I smiled and commented about something she was was wearing and then...
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    All Comes Down to Looks - Cold Hard Truth

    Well about 80% of it comes down to looks... This doesn't mean you have to look like Brad Pitt but the woman has to find you attractive. At that point you need game but if she doesn't find you attractive it's almost a moot point... That's what I've concluded from all my experience. I do the...
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    Hooked up with a Hot Girl a few weeks ago - Now Its Done!

    This is just rant.. I met a girl from online 2 weeks ago... We had been texting sporadically (she isn't a good texter) and finally met for drinks. I did good, went back to her car, made a move and ended up making out hardcore and sucking her nto it... she randomly told me what a good kisser I...