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  1. J

    Hilarious gold digger dating profile - Looking for a "REAL MAN" (who pays her bills)

    35 year old woman, divorced, with kids: What can I say about me with out adding too much cream to the coffee. Hmmm. Well I'm sweet, funny, ambitious. People consider me very outgoing and down to earth. I go to the gym at least three times a week to stay fit. Love to travel to blue waters and...
  2. J

    The pattern I've noticed with physical escalation; does it apply to escalation in general?

    I've noticed that a surprising number of women, the more attractive the more frequent, will send mixed signals. I get invited back to their place, try to kiss, get the cheek. Try again later, cheek. Fast forward an hour or so, we are having sex. Not always the case but with the hottest chics...
  3. J

    Why are higher quality women more interested in me than low quality women?

    I have an advanced degree. I'm tech management. I own multiple rentals in one of the most expensive markets in the country. I have a high net worth. I'm an 8.5 in looks, funny/playful personality. On the dating site POF, while I get dates with attractive women younger or similar age as me, it's...
  4. J

    Was this a test or creating drama on purpose?

    I've had a few relationships that did stuff similar to this early on. Try to break up but not really. And whether I go with, "hey you're making a mistake but seems like you've made up your mind" or "OK take care" they back off. In a recent case the girl texted me TWO freaking days later hinting...
  5. J

    At what point do YOU start calling HER?

    I'm not really much of a caller. Women I've dated in the past or been in relationships with early on often joke that they had a dream that I finally called them. When I have started calling we were so far along into the relationship (months) and had arguments over text that we were past the...
  6. J

    How to balance not being too available and being available enough in a new relationship to maintain attraction?

    We met on a specific dating site, not your average Tinder, POF type site. Talked for a month, met, hit it off, became a couple. We are long distance however. I'm going to see her next. How do I balance being available enough but not so available that the attraction and challenge is maintained...
  7. J

    Should I keep doing what I was doing with her now that in a relationship with her?

    I would end conversations first. I'd skip texting a day every few days. By about a week she would take turns initiating sometimes. 2 weeks she would call. After 3 weeks she flew to meet me. Spent the weekend together. She called me her boyfriend, we were both interested in each other, acting...
  8. J

    Is she signaling for a relationship?

    We talked for about 3 weeks or so via text after she messaged me on a dating site. She came to spend the weekend with me from across the country. We not only became intimate, but started holding hands when we went out, she'd grab my arm, we would sit in pajamas watching movies, she'd grab my...
  9. J

    Flew in out of state, slept together, offer her flight money?

    Never asked for any money. I told her I'd cover her expenses while she is here and have. Very appreciative even though she is well off. So offee her $600 for flight or not? Maybe slip into her pocket? I like the gesture but worry I won't be letting her invest in me by doing so. I'm going to...
  10. J

    Ex sending mixed signals

    Been broken up four months. We were together 9 years. It was my fault, I got caught having an affair. First couple of months she would send me pictures of us, tell me I needed to face what I did (I did), that she lost me forever and whenever I reached out she would ask me what my intentions...
  11. J

    She was mad I didn't reach out last time and told me...reach out this time?

    So we went a week without talking recently. I put my foot down about her "situation" and she wanted to talk about it in person (last time she did this 4 months ago, we ended up moving forward with things despite that not being her intention of the meeting, she was trying to back track)...
  12. J

    Women have a lot of options, but don't want most of those options as they are undesirable

    I see it all the time in OLD. Many of the girls I have gone out with will tell me they get 75-100+ messages a day. It's a pattern I've noticed over the years. They don't respond to most of them. Attractive women can have almost any man they want...but most men are undesirable to most women...
  13. J

    I think a lot of problems stem from a scarcity mindset, lack of S&D and not having big goals that are a priority

    To some extent. Not to say that abundance mindset and being super busy are the keys to success in general. You still need to have game. But a lot of problems can be avoided with these two. I dated a lot last year, had a few relationships and have recently reflected on some of them. If you don't...
  14. J

    Buddy is delusional and now mad at me

    It really is amazing how blind he is to this, how his emotions hide it from him. He spent 25K last year on a girl that has a BF who is a broke bartender. He get's a kiss here and there that's it, while her hot boyfriend bangs her in his apartment. He then bought her a 20K ring to propose, she...
  15. J

    Does the dating pool get smaller as you get older?

    It seems like it at least on POF and online dating which is where I have met most of my gf's and dates. I recently started looking on there again and I'm seeing mostly overweight women with kids, divorced, broke, etc. Or is this mostly an OLD phenomenon? It seems like the number of quality...
  16. J

    I love the stability of my long time gf, but crave the excitement of a side love affair, what to do?

    I recently I had an affair. I twas not my first time but this time it was different, I fell for the girl and almost left my gf of about a decade for her. I started doing this a few years ago but this one I fell for and she knew how to keep me chasing, the up and down. She was naturally unstable...
  17. J

    Ex reached out after 6.5 weeks of no contact

    Background: things ended badly, not our first time. I didn't respond to her slew of last text messages that day full of threats and her usual up and down borderline personality. I texted her sister and told her that she needs to keep her away from me and that I will sue her if she keeps...
  18. J

    I do better online despite getting more numbers in person...why?

    Caveat: I live in a major city that is literally known for being one of the hardest for dating. Women are very feminist here. Most of the girls I've slept with were not originally from here. I get probably 6-7 out of 10 womens numbers in person from day game, but for some reason they never...
  19. J

    Will dating a well off guy raise her self image and try for other rich guys in the future?

    Two girls I dated recently, one for about a year, another for 3 months, both of which became gf's told me I was out of their league, too good to be true, why would I want to be with broke girls like them (they were hot and easy). They both ended recently, but the last one told me she was going...
  20. J

    Boundaries and women with guy friends, what's the deal?

    It seems SOOOOOO many women, especially women who have a lot of guy or nothing but guy friends claim you are controlling when you say you have boundaries, not hanging out with other men under the guise that "he's just a friend". I'm sure in some cases they just are, but from my perspective they...