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    I despise FaceTiming

    I think I’m the only one that absolutely hates FaceTiming. Women love that sh!t and I find myself struggling to come up with an excuse not to do it. I don’t want to carry my phone around out in front of me just right so I can make sure I’m in the pic. You also can’t watch tv while you’re doing...
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    “I’m just going to step back awhile and take some time”

    When a girl texts you this (or any variation of this) consider yourself dumped. It can be in a relationship, fwb’s, even if you’re just friends. It’s also should tell you that you’re dealing with an emotionally immature woman that doesn’t know how to communicate whatsoever. She may even try to...
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    Daughter picks date for her mom

    Wait until you see WHO she picks. You won’t be amazed. But it will show you that all women are the same, no matter the age.
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    Heard a new rejection the other day

    Women are so creative in coming up with ways to avoid saying “no”. It’s funny to listen to them go around their elbow to get to their ass when a simple “no” would do.lol I thought I’d been getting interested vibes from this girl that I see on a regular basis because she’d always ask me these...
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    Going on a cruise with my ex

    This is probably one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. Last year I agreed to go on a cruise with a girl I was dating and her family. We’d been dating off and on for a year before she finally laid the “let’s just be friends” line on me. Well she didn’t do that until a couple months after...
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    What would make a girl develop a flat butt?

    This girl I used to know had a really nice body, especially her butt. I saw her the other day and I swear her butt had gotten flat, it’s nowhere nearly as nice and round as it used to be. I thought maybe she lost weight but she honestly didn’t seem like it in other places. Never seen a girl...
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    I need a new 3 day split workout

    I’ve done 5x5 and recently did 8 weeks of a workout that gave me great results but it’s time to change it up. I can only do 3 days a week as there’s no way to get to the gym more than that but I can do cardio on Tuesday and Thursday. I just wanted to see some workouts from others that were doing...
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    The texting advice on this site is wrong

    I’ve had TWO damn plates drop me in the last month because they claim I don’t text enough or don’t text first. I know this site preaches 80/20 but that doesn’t work in the real world gentleman. That **** will get you dumped on your ass eventually, women will only try so long. Now, in the very...
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    Slow fade

    I got the slow fade over the past month from one of the girls I was seeing and looking back I still can’t nail down when it began. I know she started it a month ago but she was really good at it, she drug that **** out for a whole month and while I was seeing other women I still couldn’t help...
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    She says one thing, my gut says different

    I met this girl a few months ago, we met at a friends party and chatted a good bit. It didn’t go anything beyond that but she looked me up on Facebook and reached out to me a few weeks ago. We went out several times but she’s showing none of the signs the typical woman is when she’s interested...
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    What the hell did I do wrong?

    My ex girlfriend text me out of the blue yesterday asking if her mom could borrow $200 for rent. The fvck? So many problems with this but the biggest one is I keep asking myself “where did I go wrong for her to think I’d say yes?”. I know I was considered a “nice guy” but she never would say...
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    Low self esteem/self worth women will drain you

    One thing I keep coming across in women I meet is low self esteem, low self worth women that are an absolute buzz kill. As a guy your first instinct is to throw compliments at these women and “build them up” every chance you get but don’t be tempted to do that. In fact do just the opposite...
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    Women with mom issues?

    Something I’m noticing lately is I’m meeting more and more women that have admitted mom issues rather than daddy issues. Their parents are divorced or separated but they have a ton of resentment for their mother and not their father? What’s weirder is these same women were mostly raised by their...
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    Women in their 30’s still trying to play the game.lol

    Recently this girl came back into my life after 2 years. We have a history but never dated, just sex and have some mutual friends and she goes and comes when she pleases and doesn’t stick around long which is fine. She randomly text me last night and was wanting to small talk so I just said “if...
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    Soulforge, does this sound familiar?

    I think one of the girls in my rotation is similar to one you posted about recently. We are nothing more than friends with benefits but she kind of dove deeper into explaining stuff the other day and I had a flashback to what you experienced. Here’s the cliff notes so it won’t be a long ass...
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    This is why guys think they have to be the nice guy

    They see women posting **** like this all day, everyday and they think “well I can be nicer to her than her mean old ex was!”
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    Give me some examples of being more direct about what I want, because apparently I’m doing it wrong

    I thought if you told a girl at the beginning you weren’t looking for friends and if she ever felt like she saw me as a friend to tell me so I could walk away. This girl I’ve been seeing for a few weeks had been hot and cold on me, so if just followed her hot and cold patterns. Now, I know that...
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    This is what we are up against in 2019

    I’ve known this girl for a few years, I wouldn’t call her a friend but we are friends on Facebook although I never speak to her. We know each other in real life but I guess you could say we are just acquaintances than anything. She wouldn’t go for me because she would view me as a “nice guy” and...
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    The wall is real, y’all

    I had to go to the bank Friday to sign some papers on a refinanced mortgage on my house that I got a better interest rate on. I sign in and wait, finally this girl who was cute (you could tell she used to be flat out beautiful but she’s just cute now) comes over and asks me to step in to her...