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    Types of marriages

    So all my buddies got married around the same time and all seem to be in the same type of marriage. Are there different kinds? What I’m speaking of is when it comes to making a decision, female oriented. It seems to work for all of them as they’re approaching 10 years and me being the divorced...
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    Hitting the mall up

    Got a mission tomorrow. Hit the mall, hopefully see some females I’m interested in and approach. Last week I went to a different one for two hours and was actually too pvssy to approach. Gotta face the rejection though. Any tips? I’ve watched countless videos in what to do but ain’t nothing...
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    Recent experience.

    So i met this woman out at a bar a few months back. She is a realtor so gave me her card. I also found out she was married. A few weeks later she found me on social media and talked. Sent me a couple pics. She told me how she felt stuck, blah blah. Well we met up a couple times, I couldn’t...
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    Stood up

    Got this girls number, called on a Tuesday to set a date and time. It was agreed. She text me throughout the week, even earlier the day of the date. I text her on my way, she says she didn’t know we set a time and I didn’t talk about it. Was I supposed to? I mean she didn’t bring it up. And...
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    Ex wife having a baby

    Ex gets knocked up with dude she got to know while I took care of the kids. Theyre ‘engaged’....She’s due tomorrow. My kids are all excited but i could give a sh:/. I’m trying not to be too ehh about the whole thing but also not confuse my kids. She told me today to not tell the kids about...
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    Group thread

    Now I’m in this group thread with 5 friends who are dads and married. Recently my one buddy joined who knows of the guys but not really friends. I’ve known them all for 20 years. This new guy is a big muscle guy and was talking about lifting with my other friend and somehow my name came up...
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    When to kiss

    So my buddy has been telling me about these great dates he’s been going on with this attractive female. I think the last was over six hours for dinner and talking. He said that he hasn’t kissed her yet or attempted to. My question is, when is a good time? I’d think friend zone if it doesn’t...
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    So now Im not going...

    She tells me today, I want to see you but I feel weird about it. I’m sorry. Translation: Don’t come. i saw it coming. She got more distant the closer the trip got, to the point i noticed not contacting me at all. I’ll lose money on the rental car but I deserve that. Before all this I felt...
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    So Im going...

    Taking the trip to see if anything is there this weekend with this female. Now, is it a d*ck move of as soon as I see it’s going nowhere to leave early? Or is that walking away and meaning it? I’d change my flight real quick. I want to be prepared with an exit plan. This could go either way.
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    Amount of contact

    If a girl is into you, is she contacting you daily? I seem to run into 3-4 days straight then a couple days off. The foreign flu has prevented us from getting together. But I’ve noticed a pattern. and yes I wait till I hear from her before I talk to her. IS there a rule
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    Broke some kind of rule

    Reconnected with this female who lives out of state. Previously made plans to see her so I told her I liked her. Just last week she mailed a great bday card calling me amazing and thankful I’m in her life. We talked so much the last 18 months and I dated other girls. I told her I didn’t want...
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    She lives a plane ride away

    Alright, i grew up with this girl and she moved away after high school. We started talking again like 2018 and I asked to go see her, she made an excuse and I didn’t go. Ive told her about the diff women I’ve met and dated, and we continue to speak a lot. Im going to ask her to come here to...
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    2nd marriages lead to divorce.

    Guys, hearing that 2nd marriages have such a high divorce rate why do you guys think dudes go right into their next marriage? It scares me to no end. Especially with kids how can it happen?
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    I asked this girl I was dating about her baby daddy and the guy she claimed she wanted to marry until he cheated on her. Turns out her baby daddy was on coke when she left him, big pot head, and the other side she said was an even bigger pot head. I said to her, what’s that say about you? She...
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    Are most married guys Betas?

    Just about all of my close friends are married with kids. It seems any time I want to try and get our kids together (I’m divorced and have two), if wife is busy or isn’t available it doesn’t happen. Now is this them relying on their wives for every damn thing in that they can’t make a move...
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    Been seeing this girl since October. I’m super busy with my kids and work, our schedules only mesh once a week so it hasn’t worked out a couple times. She’s 26, 1 child. This time when I couldn’t hang out she sent me a text saying she’s looking to have a real relationship with one person...
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    The what are we question

    Recently a girl I’ve been seeing asked what we were doing and that she’s cool with whatever, but that she only sees on guy at a time. I said we are dating and I’m getting to know you. Later in the weekend I suggested she come over and she said, I can’t but I’m sure you can find someone. I...
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    So many times I go to these dates from OLD and the women are almost always packing pounds. They ask me about the gym and tell me they go. But I see them and they must go once a week. I mention the frustration to another female and she says I’m shallow. I mean this stresses the need to talk to...
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    Avoiding the ‘she’s into me’ trap

    I find myself often falling into a thing where if a woman is really into me then I just fall for that even though she may not be the best fit. I realize spinning plates helps me look and see what a good fit would be but anything else I can or we can do as men to not fall into that? I do live a...
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    The squirts

    This is my second encounter with a girl that squirts and although her and I have fun together, I don’t know if it will be an issue later. She’s super conscious about it cuz I said it ain’t my favorite. Literally feels like a bucket of urine coming out. I’m sure some of you guys are fans but is...